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Pastor Charles Jenkins’ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church celebrates 65 years

Charles Jenkins Fellowship Baptist Church Chicago 3

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church celebrates 65th Anniversary, a gospel star-studded, Holy Spirit-filled showcase

Pastor Charles Jenkins and first lady (Dr. Tara Jenkins) of the esteemed Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, located at 4543 S. Princeton Ave. at 45th Street in Chicago, celebrated 65 years of divine worship. This celebration recognized the anointing and provision of the Lord God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for more than six decades. The 65th celebration was a huge birthday party for the entire congregation as individuals recognized and worshiped God and lifted their voices in praise. They highlighted the service of family spiritual guidance and the divine intervention.

Celebrities in the gospel community praised and worshipped with congregants. Taking the stage Anthony Brown sang a devotion and his hit single, “Testimony.” It was a delight to witness the spirit overtake him.

The love, devotion and grace … what time we had in Jesus, in the presence of the Lord. Brian Courtney Wilson also sang songs expressing his love for Christ.

During his message, Pastor Jenkins delivered a strong sermon that recognized the church, and he even referenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who had a strong conviction for the church. He shared his vision for the church’s future and he expressed his commitment to excellence. He praised those who came before him, elevated the spirt of Jesus Christ and demonstrated that Jesus’ love makes room for fellowship and grace.

We wish Fellowship Baptist Church of Chicago, its pastor and first lady another 65 years. When they make their transition to the pearly gates, they will be met by our Lord and Savior who will greet them by saying, “Well done my good and faithful servants.” The church anniversary celebration is a special for them to serve, to educate, to motivate and to inspire those who want to develop the relationship with God. Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago’s Rev. Charles Jenkins and First lady have been good examples of what it is to recognize the history and its importance and propel the future with the principles of greatness of love and family and worshiping God in his Holy word – as a brand statement. Well done Fellowship Church and all those who pray with and for it before it started 65 years and for 65 more years may for he the Jenkins family and the entire spiritual family of friendship around the world be blessed, as they have done a phenomenal job to resurrect any spirit in need of a church home.

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