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Gilbert Arenas taking Laura Govan to court?

Photo credit: @lauramgovan via Instagram

Photo credit: @lauramgovan via Instagram

Last week, things between embattled exes Lauara Govan and Gilbert Arenas heated up when an alleged email from Govan to Arenas showed the former reality TV star blasting him for cheating and having STDs. Now reports are claiming that Arenas plans to take Govan to court over what he claims is a fake email.

In the emails, not only did Govan claim that her former fiancé cheated on her with family members, but she also claimed that one of the reasons she left is because he had contracted multiple STDs. She also claimed that Arenas had arranged to have her former “Basketball Wives LA” co-star Draya Michele attacked.

At the time of the email scandal, Arenas claimed that Govan had created the fake email and shopped it to several sites before it was finally published on

According to new reports, Arenas recently filed court documents against Govan, claiming that she violated a court order that she agreed to in August which demands that she not make “derogatory or disparaging remarks” about Gilbert.

Arenas also claims that he has text messages exchanged between Govan and the blogger to prove his point. Also, Arenas claims that Govan leaked a letter that his attorney sent to hers, violating their visitation agreement and rules for exchange with their four kids.

Their kids, sadly, could be affected by their messy drama as their current custody arrangement could be altered if Govan really did violate the judge’s order.

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