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‘I am a heterosexual man,’ Kordell Stewart claps back on Atlanta’s V-103 (exclusive)

Kordell Stewart claps back on V103 Photo Credit Jonell Media PR

Kordell Stewart claps back on Atlanta’s V-103 during Big Tigger’s afternoon show addressing the recent attack on his sexuality. The assault on his character stemmed from an interview on a live stream radio show “The Shake Up A.M.” with “I ain’t gay no more” Andrew Caldwell. Stewart got wind of the news and immediately posted a tweet as rolling out reported earlier this morning.

We reached out to Stewart after his radio interview and he confirmed he’s “never met Andrew Caldwell” and he has no idea why he is making these preposterous claims. Stewart expressed his disdain for irresponsible journalism that he has experienced since 1998 when another erroneous rumor surfaced about him being arrested when in fact there is no police report to support all these allegations. Big Tigger alluded that part of the problem may have stemmed from his ex-wife Porsha Stewart Williams of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” who was under attacked on the show about Stewart sexuality when she and her cast mates were filming. Tigger inquired why he thinks Williams would put his sexuality into question, publicly. Stewart responds:

“I believe what was said on the part of my ex-wife was due to bitterness. I filed for a divorce. I took the initiative to file so there were a lot of bitter feelings involved. Once it was insinuated that I was gay and my masculinity was in question then irresponsible social media comes into play.

“It’s a shame when bloggers can state and write about rumors and hearsay. They basically write whatever they want with no accountability for what they post on these blogs. Journalists are supposed to be held to higher standards when reporting news or speaking on situations. They actually should be reporting the facts. As a sports analyst, we were responsible for reporting facts.”

There is a lot of truth to what Kordell Stewart is saying and if there is no proof to what’s written it should definitely be retracted. What are your thoughts? Do you think a person should be able to go on a local radio show and put someone else’s business in the streets? Should journalists and news organizations be allowed to publish claims without checking for accuracy?

Stewart expressed that going forward individuals or organizations that report inaccurate information regards his personal life should be prepared to suffer the consequence. As a businessman, a father, a responsible citizen and former NFL player with a clean reputation who chooses to live a quiet private life, Stewart definitely plans to pursue legal action against the guilty parties to keep his name clean.

Yes! Kordell Stewart, you definitely have to make examples out of folk from time to time.

Do you agree, rolling out readers?

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