Power Ball winner’s drug-dealing boyfriend arrested for 3rd time

Lamarr “Hot Sauce” McDow and his millionaire girl friend Marie Holmes (Photo Source: Brunsvick County Jail and YouTube screen shot)

There comes a time in every person’s life when they must decide to let go of negative people and situations. You would think that would be the case for Marie Holmes, the $200 million Power Ball winner and single mom. Holmes has a very troubled relationship with her boyfriend, Lamarr Andre McDow aka “Hot Sauce.” McDow has been arrested twice before for drug and firearm charges and Holmes bailed him out each time, spending a total of $9 million in one year.

Now, Hot Sauce is in trouble again and he needs Holmes to bail him out. Hot Sauce was arrested for the third time this year; this time on possession of firearm charges. Although the bail is set at $10K, it isn’t known yet if Holmes will pay the amount. Considering she has literally shelled out millions for her boyfriend in the past for serious drug charges, it is highly likely. Earlier in 2015, Hot Sauce was arrested for trafficking heroin and possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver heroin. Police discovered 8K bags of heroin during their investigation and connected it back to McDow.  He is considered a career criminal with serious charges dating back to 2000.

When Holmes won the $200 million Power Ball jackpot, she was a struggling mother of four children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. Holmes worked two jobs to keep the family financially afloat. When she won the lottery jackpot, many felt joy that a working Black mother was going to be able to secure a future for her children. Holmes even stated that “she was going to take care of her four children and make sure they’d have a nice house to live in somewhere outside of town with her.”

But all was not well in the Holmes’ household, it was soon revealed. On July 23, 2015 when police came to arrest McDow for violating jail curfew, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana; upon further investigation, they also found a gun. Holmes received a citation for possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Holmes doesn’t appreciate the criticism she has received from the public regarding her relationship choices. She posted to Facebook, “What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefiting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need… they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though.”

In August 2015 after Holmes bailed out McDow, she was living in a trailer, a far cry from her promise of making sure her kids had a house outside of town.

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