The Game trashes ‘Billboard’s’ greatest rapper list; issues his own

The Game

Much has been made of Billboard’s recently published “Greatest Rapper of All Time” list.

The music industry trade came up with a very specific formula for its list that somehow managed to leave off beloved late rapper 2Pac among others and fans around the world instantly cried foul.

One such fan to voice their displeasure with the list was Compton emcee The Game. He took to Instagram over the weekend to give the publication a piece of his mind:

“y’all trippin on the order of this bulls–t & b—h where the f–k 2Pac & Ice Cube ??? & I guess Lauren Hill can out rap @SnoopDogg right ?” The Game wrote underneath an image of Billboard’s list. “Y’all out y’all mothaf—-n’ mind !!! & just disrespect LL Cool J & KRS ONE huh ??? (Now I’m bout to roll my blunt to ‘Doggystyle’ jump on my tour bus & zone out to ‘All Eyes On Me’, followed by ‘Makaveli’ & ‘Death Certificate’ & take me a f—n nap on this bulls–t….. then wake up & read the comments while a bunch of non hip hop educated f–k boys argue below… #F–kYallList”

The rapper, who recently released new albums Documentary 2 and Documentary 2.5, then went on share what he feels is a more appropriate list.


1. 2pac & B.I.G
2. Nas
3. Rakim
4. Eminem
5. Jay-Z
6. Ice Cube
7. Snoop Dogg
8. Andre 3000
9. Jadakiss
10. Big L & FUCK YO OPINION !!!!!!!!!”

The 35-year-old emcee then made another post featuring a collage of a video of Snoop Dogg trashing the list as well as an image of Billboard’s list with a big red X through it next to his own list accompanied by a drawing of legendary west coast rappers Ice Cube, 2Pac, and Snoop Dogg.

In the caption for the post, Game again criticizes Billboard for excluding 2Pac while Snoop co-signs his argument.

“#Billboard smokin crack wit that bulls–t a– list !!! I had to correct y’all careless mistakes & service hip hop right… & understand this s–t right here: DON’T YOU EVER AS LONG AS YOU WALK GOD’S GREEN EARTH MAKE A HIP HOP LIST WITHOUT 2PAC,@SNOOPDOGG OR @ICECUBE IN IT !!!!!! F–k wrong wit you f–k ass people ?!?!?!?!? #F–kBillboardsList”

See both of Game’s Instagram posts below.

Game 1

game 2

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