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Celebrity hairstylist Eric Bland talks affordable products for Black hair

Celebrity hairstylist Eric Bland talks affordable products for Black hair
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Celebrity hair stylist Eric Bland has been styling for over 20 years. He uses hair tutorials to literally show his viewers how to properly style and maintain their hair. He boasts about his outstanding clientele and sustains great relationships with his celebrity clients because he recognizes the importance of making them feel special. At the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event, Bland sat down with rolling out to discuss the new Ultra Sheen Supreme and what being fabulous means to his consumers.

Tell our viewers who you are and what company you represent.

My name is Eric Bland. I’m a hairstylist, 20 years experience, L’oreal 15 years. Now part of the Ultra Sheen Supreme which is the new Ultra Sheen. I’m here with one of our brand ambassadors. We do a college tour every year. She is our college tour winner, so we like to celebrate her, and again I’m with Ultra Sheen Supreme.

So what have you been showcasing at this event ?

OK, for this event Family Dollar in one of our key sponsors. This is where you can find our products among other places.  I’m here with the new Ultra Sheen Supreme, which is no longer the old Ultra Sheen. It’s very new and innovative, due to new technology. We’re doing our demographics toward 18 and 24, the college girls. [The] price point’s $2.99 for all of our styling supplies and $5.99 for our relaxer system. So, we’re coming up with something very innovative, we’re actually educating the consumer. This is not a professional product, but we give the younger demographic a professional style without the professional price.

With this event, what have you gotten out of it?  Especially to help your brand?

What I’ve gotten out of this event is to educate the bloggers and the vloggers and educate them to let them know exactly what we’re doing.  Letting them me know what are technology is. Letting them know what we’re offering for the new millennium. Everything is new and innovative and we’re growing. Our brand is transitioning from the older days up until now, So what we’re doing now is showing innovation.  And from this event, I think we’re gaining a lot of new perspective on what we’re doing, we’re reaching a broader audience and we’re letting everybody know exactly what we’re doing.

What do you think fabulous is to your consumers?

Fabulous to our consumers meaning fabulous in and out. It’s meaning being who you are, without being apologetic for it.  It’s talking about shining from the inside out.  Being who you are and again, as I said not apologizing for it. Whomever you are, be you, be proud of it, don’t conform to what society says you have to be. Do you and be you and that makes you flawless.

Anything you want our readers to know about your company and where we can find your product?

What I’d like you to know about our company is that we are innovators in the industry. We strive to do everything that is beyond and above. We’re not going backward, we’re only going forward.  Our products are priced at a point where anyone can afford them. Again, we strive to talk to the younger demographics, the college girls who don’t have money and will one day have money. So, we want to get them now, so when they do have money they will grow with our brand. Our brand transitions from young to old so you can actually grow with the company. So ,that’s what I want everyone to know is that we’re no longer the old ultra sheen. We are the new and improved ultra sheen, with the new technology and we’re here for everybody.

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