Christina Milian reveals shocking secret about past relationship

Photo credit: Christina Milian's Instagram (@christinamilian)
Photo credit: Christina Milian’s Instagram (@christinamilian)

Fans already knew that Christina Milian had a rough romantic past, especially since she and her ex-boyfriend, Lil Wayne, broke up this year over a cheating scandal. But none were prepared for Milian’s recent admisstion that she was once in an abusive relationship.

In the latest episode of “Christina Milian Turned Up,” Milian sits down with her mother/manager, Carmen, to talk about a launch party for her new app, Stop Attack, which she describes as “an emergency assault app where you can record a moment where you need help.”

Milian then tells her mother that the app would’ve been helpful if it were around when she was in an abusive relationship.

“I thought about even when I was in that abusive relationship … back in the day,” Milian said.

Carmen then shared some shocking details about her daughter’s violent relationship.

“I remember he instilled that fear in you that if you left him he would hurt us and because of that you stayed in it and we know you almost lost your life…you had bruises and you were covering them up all the time,” her mother said.

“That was the hardest thing to go through,” Carmen said as she began crying. “It was so hard to deal with you being like that. You just kept staying.”

Well, we’re glad that Milian is usuing her painful past to fuel her passion for this app, which could certainly help save someone else’s life.

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