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Memphitz accused of shocking crime

Photo Credit: Memphitz's Instagram (@therealmemphitz)

Photo credit: Instagram (@therealmemphitz)

Memphitz found himself involved in some drama with the law yesterday when news reports revealed that he was involved in a police raid over alleged gun threats.

According to TMZ, the incident happened on Wednesday morning when Memphitz was involved in a heated verbal altercation with his West Hollywood landlord.

The landlord reportedly called 911 and claimed that Memphitz had walked away from the argument with the threat that he would return a gun.

The police came to the reality TV star’s residence, reportedly with their guns drawn. However, Memphitz wasn’t there. Memphitz spoke with TMZ about the incident and claimed that he did, in fact, get into an argument with the landlord about “intolerable noise and partying,” but he denied that he ever threatened the man.

The site reports that the police have yet to speak to the producer and it’s unclear if the landlord will decide to file charges against him either.

However, the music maestro isn’t going to take the chance that another incident will happen because he’s moving out of the residence.