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Wow! Find out what August Alsina demands before hitting the stage

Photo Credit: August Alsina's Instagram (@augustalsina)

Photo credit: August Alsina’s Instagram (@augustalsina)

Every artist has their own unique rider, otherwise known as a list of demands that they need fulfilled before they set foot on stage to perform. And each rider is like a birdseye lens into the mind, or rather the desires, of our favorite artists. Recently, TMZ got a hold of rising R&B star August Alsina’s tour rider and you might be surprised at how much food the singer requires before he puts on a show.

According to the alleged rider, August’s base pay for any show is $60K. He also requires the following food items to be stocked for him backstage:

-20 pieces of Popeyes chicken

-biscuits and mashed potatoes with gravy

-red beans and rice

-jalapeno peppers

August also has a list of various liquors that he must to have, as well.

-1 bottle of Patron

-1 bottle of Honey Jack Daniels

-1 case of Bud Light

-1 bottle of Cabernet

-2 bottles of Hennessy

August doesn’t just think of himself, though, when he’s making his tour rider. He also requires food for his 20-person staff.

-12 Rib-eye steaks

-24 fried prawns

-24 sauteed prawns

-collard greens

-baked lobster macaroni and cheese

-apple pie

-peach cobbler

Well, that’s definitely a food-heavy rider. However, it’s far simpler and cheaper than the riders of many other celebrities.