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Health » Fitness guru Corey Walker shares more secrets

Fitness guru Corey Walker shares more secrets


Photo courtesy by Corey Walker

Shorter can be better when working out.  We all have some time to invest in ourselves.  It simply has to be a priority.  Walker gives more secrets to being fit. Now, it is all up to you.

Are shorter sessions really better?
When I say shorter is better I’m speaking in comparison to spending longer periods of time in the gym and working out. A large percentage of people who frequent gyms find themselves following others in great shape and the patterns that they have. If they see someone in great shape working out for two hours and doing hundreds of abdominal exercises, that individual will then go and try to do the same thing in their next workouts. Problem is that we’re all different, have different goals and extremely different abilities and limitations. The only individuals who should be spending extended periods of time in the gym are athletes and other competitive forms of people like a bodybuilder. When it comes to time in the gym for the average gym goer, it should be 30-45 minutes of intense high or low impact cardio and some weight or resistance training to maintain and gain strength.

How can someone stay focused?
First step would be coming in prepared and ready to not allow anything to slow you down or distract you. Turn your ringer off if possible, leave the headphones at home and make it up in your mind to commit yourself to an hour of focus. Bring your own water and towel to wipe off with so that you will have no reason to leave your areas of work To anytime. Once thats done we can now focus on the actual workout and exercises needed. First thing is getting warmed up with 2 sets of jumping Jacks at 20 reps apiece, follow that up with 15 reps of Squats in two sets.

In the beginning 10 minutes you should be working on one large muscle like legs, back or chest along with two small muscles like biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps or abs. Wide latt pull downs, into Dumbell curls filled by Dumbell shrugs. Next round barbell squats, dips and then rear dumbell flys, all of these exercises are 4 sets of 12-15 reps. 25 minutes left, all abs starting with crunches, low abs pull ins, and then about twist. 4 sets of 15 reps with 30 second breaks in between each set for recovery. We should now be down to our last 10 minutes and here we will utilize the treadmill with a 6 and up incline and every 20 to 40 seconds go from 2.5 speed up to 5 plus. This will put you into an accelerated fat burning zone and along with the previous weight lifting you will be burning for the next few hours and on.

Learn to make this workout happen 3 or more times a week and along with a customized diet plan you can look to see changes inside and outside of your body. It won’t take up all of your morning or night but it will work you out and help to assist in whatever your fitness goals is.