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Music » Tyrese pens open letter to Donald Trump

Tyrese pens open letter to Donald Trump


Photo Credit: Tyrese's Instagram (@tyrese)

Photo Credit: Tyrese’s Instagram (@tyrese)

Donald Trump has been offending minority communities left and right throughout his campaign to win the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. More so than any other community, Trump has gone after the Muslim community, making Islamophobic remarks in the press and even calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country. Many celebs have already spoken out against Trump’s divisive words of hate, and now Tyrese has joined that list of fed up celebs, as well.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese, who frequently travels to the United Arab Emirates, blasted Trump for his Islamophobic stance, as well as his comments against other Black and Brown communities.

Photo Credit: Tyrese's Instagram (@tyrese)

Photo Credit: Tyrese’s Instagram (@tyrese)

“This really breaks my heart…… Open note to Trump…. He has no idea of what’s about to happen……… He has mastered the art of winning #Battles….. But he’s for sure going to lose the #WAR…….. The antics and the gimmicks look good and feel good right? Got you really thinking your doing it right?? ……… But when it’s really time? #WATCH America show you how we #REALLY feel…… And we’re not talking about manipulated pole numbers……. United we stand…. Together we fall…… You’ve offended my #Muslim community, and created racial boundaries and set my people up for hate crimes and to be targeted for bigotry because of the “acts” of some…. Islam is PEACE….. THE ACTS OF SOME of ANY GROUP doesn’t justify you spreading hate towards ALL of my people in the Muslim and or Arab community…. I’m deeply hurt and bothered by your antics and hatred towards my Muslim and Arab people…. You’ve offended my Latin community, you’ve offended my african American community – You will see…….. This is NOT how you make America great again…… This is for sure the most narcissistic self and family sabotage filled presidential campaign I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime……. It’s going to take forever for your daughter who I think is brilliantly smart to recover from the land mines……… I feel bad for anyone in this country right now with the last name #Trump – when it’s all said and done and the smoke clears…. You will remember what I said……. This is NOT how you make America great again…… I’m speaking on behalf of the #Human and all religious and spiritual and sexual preferences you must be and will be stopped – #VotesDontLie the real people of America is going to show up and stop you when it counts the most… #votingday,” Tyrese wrote.

Well, that’s a thorough chastisement for Trump on Tyrese’s part, and he’s certainly not alone in his thinking about him.

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  1. FuZ on December 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Yep. He wrote it. The typos were a given.