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Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’ debunks myths of Black inferiority

"Concussion" (still image credit: Columbia Pictures)

“Concussion” (still image credit: Columbia Pictures)

On the surface in Concussion it seems as though actor Will Smith is simply imitating intelligent and superior Black doctor Dr. Bennet Omalu.

Unearthing the NFL’s troubling position on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is critical to the conversation, yet the reputation and character of the man who uncovered this illness is attacked. Concussion is a must see but not as a testament to the acting of Will Smith as many would have you think. Instead, it is really the story of men of color men of African descent, African American men and African men, around the world and their reduced intellectual power, understanding and represented accomplishments that happen. Concussion also debunks the inferiority complex that is perpetuated onto Africans and African Americans.

In the film, we see how the intellectual achievements of minority men are most often denigrated and attacked by larger systems at work in the world. Concussion demonstrates the very reason that Black Lives Matters makes entire networks like Fox bring out the guns and begin to attack the character of organizers and call it racism. Any African American collective thought is attacked because it would mean unified understanding about a subject that would cause the entire unifying humanity to understand the working bigotry and racism and highlights the core values absent in capitalism.

The denigration is also shown throughout the community where Black students are led away from intellectual pursuits through failing school systems and some are even pushed into sports programs where young Black men aren’t intellectually groomed, but rather prepared for careers in sports where they will abuse their bodies and likely fail to accrue true wealth.

This concussion is that African Americans suffer the loss of the child in the film after being pressured and pushed to the brink the body can no longer sustain and the spirit of some unborn child is lost due to the pressures that are taking place inside the body of not just the doctor but the family member who to find the malicious punishing attitude that can be hired and influence through media it illustrates the values of capitalism and the absent of values or monitored legally the impact of media tax on individuals and the attacks that come from those in the audience Squire receiving media messages from media outlets personalities and systematic scam reporting and systematic hired PR spin doctors who reduce the truth to obscure voodoo me media translation of information.

The concussion is what is served up in jobs in theories in terms that I created that only African Americans have from the race card to total market to terms of that showcase only African Americans need apply for this punishment or conversation.

It is here that the code words for lack of intelligence like voodoo that reduce Will Smith’s character to some to some uneducated I’m formally trained individual to a local doctor who has no training or is basing his medicine on snow scientific fact. The unemployment stitches six of African American the incarceration of African-Americans the absence of African Americans on the boards of Fortune 500 the absence of African Americans achievement in economic disparity the absence of African Americans presence in the United States Senate the absence of African-Americans presents in the entire CEO suites by comparison to the population dictates the presence of the concussion that we are given concussions by the economic business and social paralysis that are given to an entire community regularly.

Hypertension, diabetes and many other social yet manageable diseases impact the African American community in the disport this portion it way and yet no one sees the pressure of racism of redlining environmental pollution and lack of economic investment the lack of receipt shareholder reimbursement and participation by corporations and the lives of African Americans even when they if the salary is paid to them by a corporation African-Americans who are paid by corporations are asked to sabotage and suggest even the inferiority or the lack of need for investment by their own people. Even special interest to propose elections suggest that industries that are Paris and Cedric Cole in their approach to African Americans who utilize their services charging higher interest rate charging higher prices for the food charging even crimes like creating crimes for an entire population like Ferguson where the cost of being a citizen and a majority African American city or town could still create a concussion for those who are inside the wherewithal.

And for Black Lives Matter, the concussion and the fear of being pulled over by an unknown proposition and unknown character whose reality could conjure fear or paralysis or emotional distress to make you fully or run or both and injure and have documented murder of African Americans on camera now the concussion from saying murder in front of the television on the cell phone only compounds the concussions that African-Americans are experiencing like Smith, a prominent contender of color for a 2015 Academy Award for his portrayal in Concussion.

Our youth are uncertain of their life span, so they sabotage their lives with restless behavior and suicide. Between 2008 and 2012, suicide was the ninth leading cause of death among Black children, according to research  in JAMA Pediatrics led by Jeffrey Bridge, epidemiologist at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio,

Concussion is something to be seen but the approach and the lens by which we must see it is to understand and to share with America that African-Americans are suffering concussions on a regular basis from the attitude and the sheer denial of racism in both the police and the business world for African-Americans to endure. The statistics of organization over creation of poverty are scientific proof of a system that is providing spiritual and emotional concussions and psychological concussions to the African American community systematically.

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  1. Linda Blansky on January 5, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    Will Smoth is excellent in this role.