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New York principal uses Twitter to insult light-skinned women, gays and more

Photo credit: Riverhead Charter School
Photo credit: Riverhead Charter School

A Black principal at Riverhead Charter School in Long Island, New York is being sued by 13 current and former teachers of the school for discrimination. His vile Twitter posts in which he insulted women with light skin, people with disabilities, and gays are being used against him.

The $10 million suit had been filed against the school and Raymond Ankrum — who had been head of the charter school since 2012 — in August, according to NY Daily News. It stated that the principal had carried out an agenda to remove White female teachers older than 40 years old in an attempt to improve the education of ethnic students. He was also accused of mocking older female employees and replacing them with younger, more attractive teachers who he could “more easily manipulate.”

The suit was initially filed in a state court, but was moved to a federal court a month ago, along with the misogynistic and discriminatory tweets that he allegedly posted under the name RayQRubio.

“Light skinned ugly chicks are uglier than dark skinned ugly chicks,” he reportedly posted.

He once used a gay slur against an NFL player in his tweet: “Miles Austin is either on peds, or he’s a f—t.”

“I realize most of my tweets go way over the heads of most, it’s fine, you can thank me when you get it. Could be months, even years,” he began in one tweet. “I hate dumb people. People who ride the ‘Jerry Bus or is it the ‘yellow bus,’ either way you’re an idiot.”

“Ways to combat low T (testosterone): #1 Date hot chicks. #2 Get an annual check up. #3 Strip clubs and dollar bills.”

According to Sharon Berlin, the lawyer of both Ankrum and Riverhead Charter School, he does not deny that he wrote the offensive comments. However, he doesn’t think they are relevant to his job.

“When read in context, they have nothing to do with the Riverhead Charter School or its employees,” said Berlin. “My clients are greatly offended by this latest attempt at professional and personal character assassination through litigation.”

Separate complaints have been filed with the Division of Human Rights stating that Ankrum called his staff “inherited fat, old, ugly, white women,” and “white silver spooners.” He has denied making those comments.

Ankrum’s attorneys are attempting to dismiss the suit based on the statute of limitations expiring.

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