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Detroit-based Midnight Golf Program garners support from local entrepreneurs


Detroit entrepreneurs DeRone Buffington and Marlowe Stoudamire

Photo Credit: Porsha Mitchell for Steed Media Service

ICYMI: Detroit entrepreneurs are on the rise, and DeRone Buffington and Marlowe Stoudamire are definitely in that class. During the holidays, they hosted their second annual Winter Classic fundraising event that benefitted the Midnight Golf Program (MGP) in Detroit. The MGP program is a 30-week empowerment and mentoring program that teaches teens life skills including financial literacy, college prep, community service and the fundamentals of the game of golf.

The event was an old school celebration, with the mixing of wonderful people, good music and holiday fun. It was held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and was well attended by Detroit’s most well known socialites and forward thinking professionals.

The event initially began as a way to celebrate the birthdays of the two community champions: Marlowe and DeRone; however, they quickly recognized that they could do so much more than a regular birthday party; they could make a difference. So, they decided to turn their celebration into an annual event and fundraiser for an organization of their choosing and help to bring about awareness for the organization, overall. In lieu of gifts for the organization, the pair requested donations. At the end of the event, a good time was had by all, and the MGP received another donation.

Check out some of the pics from this awesome event below. Chime in on the comments and let us know what you think.

Photo Gallery Credit: Porsha Mitchell for Steed Media Service