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Decrease your stress in the workplace


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Nobody ever tells you that along with your dream job comes high-stress levels, anxiety and a boss that frequently pays you a visit in your nightmares. Feeling tired and overwhelmed on a daily basis from your extensive workload can begin to take a toll on your body and in some cases lead to major health problems.

To prevent these unwanted possibilities from occurring, start by focusing your attention on one thing at a time. We have all seen on just about every job description a requirement for multitasking, but sometimes taking a lot on at once results in spreading yourself too thin when getting assignments done. If you absolutely have to simultaneously juggle multiple responsibilities, then set 1-2 hours aside to get those things checked off your agenda. Speaking of agendas, it’s time you start writing everything down to keep you organized in both your personal and professional life. Whether you decide to use a basic monthly calendar or a detailed planner either is a great solution for keeping you on track and remembering the important obligations. In addition, make sure your workspace is always clean. If your cubicle is decluttered it will help give you peace of mind.

Once you start putting your thoughts down on paper, don’t forget to find a balance in the midst of your schedule filling up. Find somewhere within your hectic workload to plan time to make personal phone calls, run errands and most importantly eat a meal, even if it’s a small snack like almonds or yogurt. Make it a priority to pack a healthy lunch each night for work so that you won’t have to leave work and spend unnecessary money on fast food. Let your break be a time for relaxation without any distraction. Usually, 30 minutes of downtime never seems like enough, but you always have the weekend to unwind and do things that you enjoy. For those of you who are parents the work doesn’t exactly stop when you leave the office, so make sure you take time away from it all to spoil yourself with a treat like a spa day, golf trip or night out with friends at your favorite restaurant.

Lastly, always remember that no matter how much you love your job, don’t let people take advantage of you or undervalue you contribution as an employee. People will give you as much work as you agree to take on. It is imperative that you exercise your right to say “no” and stand your ground. Many people are scared to stick up for themselves out of fear of losing their job, and in reality sometimes it happens. Would you rather work at a job where you are miserable five days a week or bow out gracefully with your integrity and move on to a place where your employer treats you with respect? In life, we always have a choice. Hopefully, you will make the decision to be happy and stress-free at your job and receive the benefits you deserve.