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April and LaShawn Daniels rock out for love and marriage

Photo courtesy of LaShawn and April Daniels
Photo courtesy of LaShawn and April Daniels

April and LaShawn Daniels of WE tv’s “Tamar & Vince” show are launching their Rock Out With Me Couples campaign. The goal of the campaign is to share tools with couples that will help them strengthen their marriages and relationships. During the month of February, the Daniels will host weekly interactive online courses that will spotlight different areas of marriage and relationships. There will also be an event called Date Night With The Daniels, which will take place on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

In case you don’t immediately recognize the couple, they are BFFs to Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert on the WE tv show “Tamar & Vince.”  Lashawn Daniels is a two-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer who has written hits for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, and more. April Daniels launched the Rock Out With Me campaign for women and is a former celebrity hairstylist. The Daniels were coined “America’s favorite couple” by WE tv viewers. Their love, respect and friendship are palpable. They have been married for almost 15 years and have three children.

Rolling out sat down with the Daniels to find out more about their campaign and their love and marriage.

Tell us about your Rock Out With Me Couples campaign?

April Daniels: Through our transparency, we are hoping to shine light on some of the challenges and successes that marriages go through. We would also like to share tools that will help relationships bloom, prosper, and reach the full potential they are destined to meet. Each Sunday in February, we will host an interactive class that will focus on a topics ranging from faith and family, friendships and marriage, marital pitfalls, and love and sex. We will also have an event called Date Night with the Daniels on Valentine’s Day. It will be an intimate evening where couples will engage in great conversation with us as well as participate in games that help foster healthy communication. It is our goal to touch as many lives as possible.

How did you two meet?

April Daniels: I will tell you so you can have the true version [laughs]. I used to do hair for celebrity clientele and I was working on a video shoot for a singer that LaShawn worked with. For him, it was love at first sight because he immediately began bothering me that entire day. I always had a very professional approach to my work. If I am working, I won’t be leaving with the talent. I felt the attraction and left it at that. A few weeks later the artist was recording with LaShawn and asked me to come and do her hair at the studio. It felt strategic because I knew he had been asking about me since the video shoot. I went and did her hair and Shawn and I ended up exchanging numbers. I haven’t been able to get rid of him since that day.

LaShawn Daniels: I just want to add that after we connected at the studio, I went to bed and heard rocks hitting my window. I looked out and saw a mariachi band outside playing. I asked her how she knew where I lived. She said, “I followed you, Daddy.” She told me on the spot “I love you,” and the rest is history [laughs].

April Daniel: Don’t believe it [laughs]. From the moment we exchanged numbers, we started dating. Shortly afterwards, we were engaged and a year after that we were married.

What are some successes and challenges that you have experienced in your marriage?

AD: In the beginning, I wasn’t who Shawn’s family wanted him to be with. It wasn’t because of who I am. It was just hard for them to let the baby of the family go. It came to a point where Shawn didn’t want to choose between his family and wife, but he was feeling that way. There were times when I was like, “Lord I don’t know if we will make it.” But we did. There were a lot of people praying for us. That was a big hurdle. But it became a success because we overcame it and they love me now.

LD:  Even though the in-law situation became a success, it was still a challenge. Unless you are a savage, you want the family that the Lord blessed you with and the family that you choose — which is also a blessing — to get together and be able to deal with each other.  We put that thing in prayer and it worked itself out.

Anyone watching the Tamar and Vince show can see that spirituality plays a big role in your relationship. When did you know that helping couples and being an example was your ministry?

LD:  It wasn’t something we aspired to. It’s just who we were. Religion and the Lord are central to how we approach things and it kind of spilled over into that world.

AD: Back in New Jersey, our home was always the destination place for other couples – whether it was family members or close friends. It was during this period that we started seeing how our home became a sacred place for other couples to come and get what they needed so they could go back to their home and function in a productive way. That is when we realized that what we were going through wasn’t just about us. It was so much bigger. From there our ministry just kind of happened organically.

Photo Courtesy of LaShawn and April Daniels

What has helped your marriage survive?

LD: The understanding of space. What I mean by that is understanding our roles and who we are. The biggest hurdles that married couples go through is when two separate people try and mesh together. It’s not the love factor, because that can be there. It’s the everyday inner workings as you and your partner work to find your rhythm. For example, finances are not my strong point. April is stronger, so she handles all of the finances. Some people allow their egos to prevent them from being on one team and understanding their role in the marriage.

What advice to you have for single people who are looking to be married?

AD: Wait on the Lord. I realized that when I got out of God’s way, he brought me LaShawn.

LD: Keep the Lord first and do your research. The best way to see what somebody will do is to look at what they have done.

What is next for you as a couple and individually?

AD:  Of course, the Rock Out With Me Couples campaign will kick off in February. In the next few weeks, I will announce the second leg of the Rock Out With Me women’s campaign. In the summer we have our sons spearheading the Rock Out With Me kid’s campaign. We really want the Rock Out With Me brand to be a household name.

LD: I will be pouring into my kingdom music as much as my regular music. Now is the time to take it to the other side. I will also be working with my group, Clark Kent.

To register for The Rock Out With Me online courses, go to If you would like to attend Date Night With The Daniels on Valentine’s Day in L.A., go to Follow the Rock Out With Me campaign on IG and Twitter @rockoutwithme_. Also, follow the Daniels on Facebook at April & LaShawn Daniels and IG @aprilandlashawn. On Instagram and Twitter, follow LaShawn Daniels @ BigShiz and April Daniels @ iamaprildaniels.

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