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Twista hits the road with Art, Beats and Lyrics

Photo: Kat Goduco

Photo: Kat Goduco

When you’re from Chicago, hearing Twista’s name in casual conversation is pretty common. It’s also pretty common to not be super excited about him performing somewhere in the city. We love him and all, but he’s from here and we tend to not be as excited about our own at times.

For me, this changed when I saw him perform in Houston a few weeks ago. He was a headliner for Art, Beats and Lyrics, the traveling art and music tour presented by Jack Honey and Gentleman Jack. The house was packed, the artwork amazing, but Twista’s performance took us through decades of certified hits.

What was even more amazing than being able to keep up with his lyrics, was the fact that everyone else in the crowd could keep up as well. From “Get it Wet” and “Emotions” to “Girl Tonight” “Overnight Celebrity,” and “Slow Jams,” Twista has hits. Not just songs that sounded good back then, but he has real-life hits. This doesn’t even include some of the songs he was featured on …

In Houston, they showed love the moment they knew he was coming. The same can be said for the St. Louis event tonight, and then again in Birmingham, Alabama, next week. Twista may be from Chicago, but he’s clearly a hip-hop legend with mass appeal.

If you happen to be reading this and you’re in Birmingham, it’s not too late to RSVP for the event at It’s next Friday, Feb. 5 at Region’s Field. Don’t miss out.

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