5 reasons you should be watching ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’

If you haven’t seen FX’s American Crime Story adaptation of The People vs. OJ Simpson you are missing out on great TV. If the line-up of Hollywood’s brightest A-listers isn’t enough; Johnny Cochran being played by Courtney Vance, Robert Shapiro being played by John Travolta and OJ himself being played as Cuba Gooding Jr,; then the recollection of how amazingly bizarre the trial was from beginning to end should keep you engaged.  All in all there are numerous reasons you should tune in to FX every Tuesday at 10 PM EST to see the trial and verdict unfold, but we came up with 5 die hard reasons this show should be on your DVR schedule every week!

5. The infamous Bronco chase was explained.

For those of you who were glued to the television set back in 1994 when OJ Simpson lead police on a wild goose chase in his friend AC Cowling’s Ford Bronco, FX attempts to answer any questions you may have had about what was going on in that white bronco. Instead of a leisurely ride with his football pal the ride consisted of constant suicidal threats by OJ, who was at one point bawling like a baby and requesting a very distraught AC Cowlings take him to his Mama in Brentwood.

4. Courtney B. Vance is immaculate as the late great Johnnie Cochran.

Besides being played by a great actor, we get to see another side of the great attorney that makes his legacy even more endearing. Without the assistance of social media, viewers missed the fact that not only was Cochran one of the nation’s best defense attorney’s but he was also one of the sharpest dressers!

3. We learn why Christopher Darden was so angry.

Most people remember a very angry and defensive district attorney in Christopher Darden, but we never understood why. The People vs. OJ offers a glimpse into the background of the relationship between Chris Darden and Johnnie Cochran. We also see more of Marcia Clark’s determination to bring OJ to justice.

2. We get to know Robert Kardashian, and there are not so subtle Kardashian sightings throughout the show.

David Schwimmer does a phenomenal job playing a unknown but well respected Robert Kardashian. In 1994 no one knew the attorney’s family would go on to be the biggest national phenomenon in history. FX throws in some tidbits for today’s Kardashian fanatics, like OJ being holed up in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom threatening to commit suicide. There are also numerous sightings of  Klhoe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian as sweet little rich girls prior to the fame.

1.If you didn’t have an opinion about the verdict, you probably will form one.

Cuba Gooding Jr. does a great job capturing the conflicted and much catered former football star. From his fascination with his own charm to his inability to comprehend being treated like an average citizen to his immediate acceptance of his wife’s death and immediate suicidal attempts, FX’s O.J. Simpson reads like a guilty man who can’t accept his consequences.

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