Moniece Slaughter suffers major medical scare

Photo Credit: Moniece Slaughter's Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)
Photo Credit: Moniece Slaughter’s Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter was in a world of trouble this week as she recently revealed that she had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering multiple strokes.

Slaughter revealed the news to her fans yesterday on her Instagram page when she posted a grim photo of herself on a breathing machine, like the one her son, Kam, had to be placed on when he suffered from respiratory syncytial virus, a highly contagious virus that affects the respiratory tract, when he was just a few weeks old.

Photo Credit: Moniece Slaughter's Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)
Photo credit: Moniece Slaughter’s Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)

“When Kam was 4wks old he got RSV. For 5 weeks he was in severe discomfort and his little body worked overtime for oxygen. it was very scary. So we slept sitting up (he was on my chest in the baby b’jorn). I set my alarm and every 4hrs I put this little mask on his face and it was sad to me. He hated it. I felt so bad. Now here I am wearing his same little mask at home on the breathing machine,” Slaughter said in the first few sentences of the photo’s caption.

However, the caption turned terrifying when Slaughter then revealed that she was on the breathing machine because she’d suffered two mini-strokes because of her smoking habit.

“What’s crazy about this, is that the pain I feel In my chest was selfinflicted by choosing to smoke cigarettes. I spent all week in and out of the hospital. Today my doctor told me I had two mini strokes, my right lung was inflamed, but clear, my blood work was A1 (no cancerous cells etc) no abnormalities growing in my throat or lungs. Perfect heart,” Slaughter shared in the caption.

Although Slaughter revealed she’s cancer free, she also shared that her years of smoking had left her lungs with severe damage and that she would need years of recovery if she wants to get back to being 100 percent healthy. And the first step of recovery for her was a pledge to finally say goodbye to smoking for good.

“God blessed me and I’m still on my very hard very painful journey to quit. She said my lungs are getting rid of the damaged bronchi and reproducing new bronchi. There’s nothing they can do except to try to make me comfortable while my body goes through this process. I was told total restoration of my lungs would be about 3 yrs! CRAZY! #iquitforkam,” Slaughter wrote.

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