Tank and Tyrese turn squabble into full-blown feud?

Photo Credit: Tyrese's Instagram (@tyrese)
Photo Credit: Tyrese’s Instagram (@tyrese)

Things between Tank and Tyrese haven’t been the same since their R&B super group, which also featured Ginuwine, broke up last year. But things really began to heat up earlier this week when Tank claimed that they broke up because Tyrese is money hungry. Now, what was once just a simple disagreement has turned into what appears to be a full-blown feud between the two men.

As previously reported, the drama started this week when Tank spoke with reporters and claimed that TGT will never reunite because Tyrese makes more money off the group than he and Ginuwine do.

“Tyrese still doesn’t wanna split the money equally so we’re done,” Tank said.

It seemed like Tyrese wasn’t too agitated by Tank’s jab when he scoffed off the remark with a simple Instagram response, saying that he didn’t owe anyone an explanation.

“@therealtank – I see we taking it to TMZ levels now……. I love you too….. Let me know when we gonna get the next play date locked in Shayla keeps asking about Zoey……. #Family,” Tyrese said in an Instagram post.

However, it looks like neither side was ready to bring a swift end to the beef because yesterday Tank decided to slam Tyrese again with an Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Tank's Instagram (@therealtank)
Photo Credit: Tank’s Instagram (@therealtank)

“@tyrese definitely doesn’t have to explain shit! So I will..lmao. #Facts #SLP2 #OutNow #SLPTour #TheGeneral,” Tank captioned the photo.

After Tyrese got wind of Tank’s post, he responded on Instagram by flaunting the amount of money he makes for shows and the success of his album on Billboard’s R&B charts.

“You wanna jump out there huh, Tank? Why don’t you tell them the truth? I get a $150,000 a show. What do you get per show? Oh, so you wanna split it equal so you can ride the wave of my highs?” Tyrese said in a video post.

In another clip, Tyrese patronized Tank and offered him a deal at his Voltron record label: “So, it’s real simple, Tank. If you wanna get hot in these R&B streets and you don’t want your manager all in your video, come to Voltron.”

The back and forth didn’t end there. Check out what else these two had to say about each other, after the cut.

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