Camille Cosby goes ‘ride or die’ during deposition for husband

Photo Source(Instagram "LoveMyMarraige"
Photo Source(Instagram “LoveMyMarraige”

Camille Cosby, wife of comedian Bill Cosby, proved that she will stand by her man. During an intense deposition hearing in Massachusetts over a defamation lawsuit regarding her husband, she remained tight lipped and elusive according to newly released documents. Camille testified last month about allegations lodged against her husband by seven women who have accused Bill of sexually assaulting them decades ago.

Despite the release of a sealed deposition last year where Bill admitted to giving Quaaludes to women before having sex, Camille reportedly would not give a definitive statement about the charges. When asked about the deposition’s contents, Camille stated, “That is just communication between my husband and me.” Such conversations between a husband and wife are protected under Massachusetts law.

She further stated that she never read the deposition given by Bill regarding his extramarital affairs. Cosby’s lawyers are arguing that the defamation case in Massachusetts be suspended while Bill is facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania. The criminal charges have come about because of an alleged sexual assault between Bill and a former Temple University employee named Andrea Constand in 2004. Constand maintains that he gave her pills for a headache and that she lost consciousness and the comedian had non-consensual sex with her. The charges never made it to court because the comedian settled the matter with an undisclosed amount of cash and a verbal promise and handshake with then Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor not to prosecute.  The new DA Kevin Steele filed charges against Cosby in 2015 for the alleged sexual assault against Andrea Constand shortly before the statute of limitations was set to expire.

During the deposition in February, Camille stated that she never read the complaint against Cosby filed by Constand in 2005. She claimed that she was aware of the deposition by her husband and his lawyer but she did not recollect the time she was told. Joseph Cammarata, the lawyer for the women in the Massachusetts’ case asked her, “Have you discussed your husband’s deposition testimony with your husband?” To which she responded, “I don’t want to answer that.”

When further pressed by Cammarata that he was not asking about the substance of the conversation, she stated, “That is just communication between my husband and me,” invoking marital privilege. A partial transcript of the deposition was released by Cosby’s legal team earlier this week. Bill Cosby is expected to face another continuance hearing this month that will determine if the criminal case will go forward.



Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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