Woman claims Katt Williams hit her for saying Kevin Hart is funnier

Katt Williams (Photo Credit: Hall County Sheriff’s Office) / Selena alleged assault victim (Photo credit: WSBTV screenshot)
Katt Williams (Photo Credit: Hall County Sheriff’s Office) / Selena alleged assault victim (Photo credit: WSBTV screenshot)

Comedian Katt Williams just can’t seem to stay out of trouble lately. Now, a woman is claiming that Williams assaulted her when she told him, “Kevin Hart is funnier anyway.”

The victim, Selena, told WSB-TV that she was at a bachelorette party in Atlanta on Feb. 28 when she made the comment. She claimed Williams then punched her in the head and tackled her to the ground.

“The next thing I know he’s charging at me. He actually hit me right here in my left temple [and] tackled me to the ground,” Selena told a reporter

The woman and her friends said some of their phones were stolen by Williams and his entourage and that the comedian allegedly took out a gun and pointed it at their vehicle. The victims say that misdemeanor battery and theft charges are not enough for what they went through. They are asking prosecutors to bring felony charges against the comedian.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Williams tells a completely different story. He says the situation got out of control after the woman and her friends started taking pictures without his consent and a member of the group snatched a chain from his neck.

According to the victim, bringing up Hart’s name led to the violent altercation with Williams, who hasn’t had many nice things to say about his comedic rival lately. He recently called Hart a puppet and challenged him to a $5 million comedy battle in Hart’s home city of Philadelphia. This feud appears to be one-sided, as Hart continues to wish his counterparts in comedy much success and continues to focus on his growing career as an actor and comedian.

This is Williams’ third run-in with the law in the past month. A day after the incident at the bachelorette party, he was arrested for punching a store clerk he claimed called him the n-word. Last week, the comedian was accused of aggravated battery for allegedly telling a woman to attack a body guard who refused to follow his orders to engage in criminal activity. He was arrested and held in Hall County for the first two incidents, and was then booked in Fulton County for the alleged assault that occurred on Feb. 28.

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