Columbus Short’s attorney calls Karrine Steffans out

Photo Credit: Karrine Steffans' Instagram (@karrineandco)
Photo credit: Instagram – @karrineandco

Columbus Short and Karrine Steffans’ relationship came to a rocky end when Steffans accused Short of cheating on her in a series of scandalous Instagram posts. Although the split definitely had fans talking about the couple, what also had people talking was the growing rumor that Steffans and Short were never really married, despite their previous claims otherwise. Since then, the former couple has both gone back and forth about who’s lying and who’s not. But now Short’s attorney has come forward to clarify Short’s marital status.

As previously reported, after the couple split, court documents surfaced showing that show that Short is still legally married to his estranged wife, Tuere Tanee Short, and that their divorce was still pending as of March. Separate court documents also show that Short filed a request for a separate divorce trial with Tanee on Feb. 3, 2016.

After the documents surfaced, Steffans posted a cropped photo of Short’s marriage license to her Instagram page and claimed that their marriage was real with or without a piece of paper. However, the cropped document didnt show Steffans’ name on it, nor did it show a marriage date, leaving many to wonder if it was real.

Well, according to, Short’s attorney, Matthew Bogosian, recently released a statement to them, explaining that Short is indeed still married to Tanee and that he and Steffans were never legally married.

“My client, Columbus Keith Short, is involved in a marital dissolution proceeding with his wife, Tuere Tanee Short, in Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BD 600042. Mr. Short’s Request for Order to Terminate Marital Status is currently set for hearing on July 29, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in Department 60 before the Honorable Shelley Kaufman, Judge Presiding. Pending said hearing, Mr. Short remains married to Tuere Tanee Short. Accordingly, any claim by Karin Stephans McCrary that she is legally married to Mr. Short is unfounded and invalid,” read the statement.

Well, Steffans wasn’t too happy about the statement and she responded on Twitter and claimed that she really did marry Short. However, she admitted that their union may not have been legal.

Karrine Steffans - Short Bigamy Tweet 1

Karrine Steffans - Short Bigamy Tweet 2

Well, something tells us this won’t end in Steffans’ favor even if she did have a wedding ceremony with Short.

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