Foxy Brown victim of surprise heist

Photo Credit: Foxy Brown's Instagram (@foxybrown)
Photo Credit: Foxy Brown’s Instagram (@foxybrown)

Celebrities travel around the globe all the time with the most sought after clothes and items. And most of the time, their belongings are pretty safe as they travel. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for legendary MC Foxy Brown who recently revealed that she was the victim of a major airport heist and that she may be looking at a 6-figure loss.

According to media reports, a rep for the Ill Na Na MC explained to the press that the incident happened when Foxy was at LAX last week. Foxy was waiting on her luggage at baggage claim when she discovered that her high-end Gucci bag had shockingly gone missing.

Foxy immediately reported the missing luggage to the police, who then reviewed video surveillance of the baggage claim terminal and discovered that an unidentified man walked off with Foxy’s luggage. Unfortunately for Foxy, police still don’t have any clue who the man is.

What’s worse is that Foxy lost more than just a Gucci luggage bag that day. Inside the luggage, Foxy had multiple Birkin bags, which can range in price from $11,500 to $150K, diamond jewelry pieces and eight pairs of high-end designer shoes. All in all, Foxy could have to eat a loss of $100K worth of items.

Although such a loss would severely rattle most people, Foxy seemed to be taking the thievery in stride for now because after leaving LAX, Foxy went on to go to a scheduled performance in Palm Springs. According to sources, though, Foxy did vent some of her frustrations with a short and steely message to the press about her burglary: “Let justice prevail.”

Well, we hope Foxy gets all of her stuff back because rich or not, nobody wants to feel unsafe while traveling and no one wants to lose $100K worth of belongings either.

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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