Find out why Chris Brown is being sued by a fan

Photo Credit: Chris Brown's Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)
Photo Credit: Instagram – @chrisbrownofficial

Chris Brown has a noteworthy history of getting in trouble with the law over some pretty crazy things. Often times, we’re just left shaking our heads at some of the bad decisions that the oft-trobled singer makes. But this time around we’re just left scratching our heads as news has revealed that Brown is being sued by a fan for allegedly stealing his hat.

According to media reports, a fan named Marq Stevenson claims that he went to one of Brown’s shows in Dallas last year and that he wanted to get the singer to sign his hat for him. Stevenson claims in his lawsuit that he passed his hat to one of Brown’s crew members, asking that he get Brown to sign the hat for him.

However, Stevenson claims that Brown’s team bullied him and that they never gave him his hat back, nor did he receive an autograph from Brown.

Now, several months after the alleged incident happened, Stevenson has decided to file a lawsuit over the missing hat and is asking that Brown pay him the $25 for the hat’s worth. But that’s not all the fan is asking for. According to the suit, Stevenson also wants Brown to pay $225 for the floor seat tickets that he bought for the show, as well as $2,500 for the pain and suffering he endured while allegedly being bullied by Brown’s crew.

All in all, Stevenson wants Brown to pay him $2,750 over the alleged hat ordeal.

Brown hasn’t publicly responded to the case, but we wouldn’t be surprised if, like us, he’s shocked and scratching his head over the lawsuit either. And while we’re still surprised at the $2,750 request, things could’ve been worse for Brown. Stevenson could’ve asked for an absolutely ludicrous multimillion pay out in the lawsuit like some other fans have done when suing celebs.

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