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Steve Harvey hires Tamar Braxton

@tamarbraxtonher/ Instagram

Photo credit: @tamarbraxtonher – Instagram

As of the end of May, there has been a lot of hoopla over singer Tamar Braxton being fired from “The Real” talk show. There has been speculation about how and why she was fired. It has been claimed that Braxton was having issues with the production team due to her diva attitude. It was also claimed that she was cut from the show because she wasn’t getting along with her cast mates, which seemed weird because her cast mates denied those allegations. They all posted messages on Instagram posts, around the same time (which looked very suspect) displaying their love for Braxton and stating how they were unaware of her termination. Co-host Loni Love went as far as posting a 6 1/2 minute video denying all rumors and explaining her side of the story.

The “Love and War” vocalist went on a social media hiatus until June 1. Shortly after her first post back on Instagram, she posted a selfie telling everyone to tune into “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” radio show, June 2. The morning show had listeners’ ears glued to their radios as the singer told her side of the shocking story. Braxton stated that “The Real” gave her no reason to think that they would fire her and that her termination came as a random phone call her husband, Vincent Herbert, made to the producers to check on an event she was supposed to attend for an upcoming episode.

After telling her truth about the devastating situation, Steve Harvey surprised listeners with the announcement that Braxton has been signed to produce her own talk show with his TV production company, East 112th St Productions.

We wish her much success, but she might encounter a bump along the way. is reporting that “The Real” is threatening to sue Braxton and her husband for portraying Braxton as the victim on “Braxton Family Values.” The show displayed a sobbing Tamar being held by her sister Toni while she breaks down about hearing the news of her termination from “The Real.” The article states that Warner Bros TV Distribution/Telepictures, which produces “The Real” is also threatening to “release video of Tamar imploding on set.” If they’re bluffing, this will all blow over and the singer will move on to producing her new show with Steve Harvey’s production company. If not, we’ll have an update for you really soon.

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  1. britishrose on June 5, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    FIRING REALLY HURT ///// RARLY U SEE A STAR SINGER GET CANNED BUT SHE HAD IT COMING WENDY WILLiiams HUSBAND kevin PRODUCE HER SHOW too BUT U DONT SEE HIM ANYWHERE else vince was all on the show people didnt like him MOUTH OPEN CLOTHES OVER SIZED GRINNING FOR NO REASON HE LOOKS CHALLENGED … BUT SMART …. KEVIN HUNTER wendys husband make sure behind scene no one is plottin on his girl hurbert vince kissed ass and wasnt paying attention tamar didnt fit in cause she has more artistic ability and come from fame family tony is like whitne houston fame . … and vince is rich…. whites on that show was gunning for tamar and needed a weak spot her talking was her ticket and her redemption but her downfall too we knew she would be fired last year but vince kept her held down argueing against i you gotta look after family SEE TONY HAS NO POWER SHE BARELY HAS A GIG …. AND DO CLUBS AND CHEESSY PRIVATE SHOWS TO GET PAID …
    SHES A CLASS ACT HIDDEN TREASURE . AND TAMAR is a good singer too but hater are killing her dead .. . i hope she can get with steve harvey and gain fans cause right now its bad