Future and Rocko fighting over millions


Wise sage Biggie Smalls once said, “Mo money … mo problems.” Certainly Future, born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, is sitting somewhere dripping in ice, sipping on ‘lean, and thinking the same thing. The “F–K Up Some Commas” rapper was just hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by his former producer Rocko, born Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr., for unpaid commissions.

Rocko, 36, claims, Future, 32, is in breach of a 2011 contract with Rocko’s A1 Recordings. Future agreed to release his first six albums under the label. According to TMZ, Rocko purports that he discovered Future in their native Atlanta. However, the rapper ditched him and A1, signing with Epic Records when he hit it big.
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In the lawsuit, Rocko is suing for his cut in commissions from the artist’s success, which includes 25 percent of the multimillion-dollar advances Future received from Epic and 20 percent of Future’s earnings from any endorsements and performances.

While the suit hasn’t hit a courtroom just yet, the former friends took to social media to air out their grievances Wednesday night.

“Real street n**** went to the court house, how did it feel when u signed the papers????” Future tweeted.
Rocko, of course, responded with, “Lord knows I haven’t seen a courthouse in ages! That’s what lawyers are for!”
He later added, “Old homie of mine once told me just let the lawyers handle it…”
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While Rocko may be due his cut from Future’s success, it’s interesting to see rappers and “real street n—–” battling it out in court and taking to Twitter for an early Festivus observance. I’m not saying they should resort to gun play, but perhaps a rap battle (Is Rocko a rapper?) or break dancing contest (a la Beat Street) might be interesting. I’m just saying. Let’s hope these brothers work it out and reconnect to make more music. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should Future pay up?

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