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Twitter erupts after Brian Williams says Obama used ‘Richard Pryor delivery’

Brian Williams (Photo Credit: Twitter/@Bwilliams)/ Richard Pryor album cover released 1974)

Brian Williams (Photo credit: Twitter – @Bwilliams)/ Richard Pryor album cover released 1974)

Throughout the presidency of Barack Obama he has been subjected to racial stereotypes and bigotry. Now the recent comments of MSNBC host Brian Williams have many calling the journalist racist. While campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina, President Obama was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. During one point in the president’s speech, he commented on the racist tone and rhetoric of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Someone in the crowd yelled out “preach” and a few moments later MSNBC lost its video and audio live feed.

Brian Williams apologized for the lost satellite feed and stated:

“The president was being urged by one member of the crowd to preach; and he seemingly tried to. At one point borrowing a Richard Pryor delivery to display his disgust and disdain for the other side his comments clearly aimed at Donald Trump …”

The reaction from Twitter was almost immediate for comparing Obama to the renowned and outspoken late comedian. However, Obama never used any of the profane language that Richard Pryor would be sure to use against a man like Donald Trump. Williams’ Twitter feed was soon filled with comments calling him a racist and a bigot.

“Brian Williams refers to Richard Prior [sic] while summarizing Prez Obama’s wrap up proves his white privilege and ineptness. –Rick Jenkins @Rickiejay”

“Richard Pryor delivery”? Really, Brian Williams? What the f— does that mean? –Terrell J. Starr  @Russian_Starr

“@MSNBC Did you just let Brian Williams make a racist remark about POTUS on air? Seriously? How dare you! –Ellen Wilber @Ellen60”

The Twitter account for Brian Williams (@bwilliams) is now void of any comments from the news anchor. In addition the @MSNBC account no longer has any comments from users about the broadcast of Williams’ comments.


  1. Jason on July 6, 2016 at 9:34 am

    Ignorant fool. How many “motherers” did Mr Obama use?

  2. cupcake333 on July 6, 2016 at 10:52 am

    biggot? what about bitter racist who lost his job to a black man LESTER HOLT .. RACIST have motive always most racist had to face reality that they are a product of mentally deranged slave owners who were lazy and lack will power whom sought power in dominating , rapping , humiliating , murdering and torchuring other , racist who believe their murderous ancestors who stole hundreds of blacks freedom will all meet up one day in a land of milk and honey ,, whom dont realize you get one chance to impress god what ever you did on earth will follow u eternally … so we dont need to worry bout them dont even pray for them .. they were born to go against god … let god deal with it … pray instead for victims black victimize by a chain of evil generation of so called white man .. describing people who hate humaity… chinese white mexican asian , pakinstani , russian , brtish, english , african , polish , french , italian ,venezulan, catholic who ever will be goverern under one judge like it or not non of us know our destiny if we did . we would not worship different gods and expect to not meet again after death if you dont know where your going when u die how can you JUDGE ANYBODY COLOR OR CREED

  3. Larry Impertinale on July 6, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    Sad, but now the old, angry white men who previously hated Brian Williams and called him a liberal ‘pseudo-journalist’ will be climbing all over each other to rescue Brian from his stupid “Richard Pryor” comment and congratulate Williams for joining their ‘angry, old white man team’ even though Williams doesn’t really belong to their haters-club.

    How quickly the white worm turns.

  4. Return the Stone on July 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    I wouldn’t call this racist but I don’t understand what’s so Richard pryorish about Obama.He’s not funny