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Lil Boosie claims police brutality won’t end

Photo Credit: Instagram - @officialboosieig
Photo credit: Instagram – @officialboosieig

Last week, the Black community suffered major tragedies when Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minnesota and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana were savagely murdered by police officers on camera, inciting national outrage over their shooting deaths. In the wake of their murders, many in the celebrity world have spoken out about the injustice surrounding their deaths and the pervasiveness of police brutality against the Black community. And most recently, Baton Rouge native Lil Boosie opened up about the tragedies and is claiming that Black people won’t ever see an end to police brutality.

Boosie recently spoke about the issue in a new Snapchat video and explained that he doesn’t believe that the dysfunctional relationship between the Black citizens of Baton Rouge and the city’s police department can ever be repaired.

“It’s messed up what’s going on,” Boosie says on camera. “But I been talking about what’s going on with police in Baton Rouge for a long time. Now people get to see it with their own eyes – all the injustice going on in that city. I ain’t into cops being killed, I ain’t with all that. But cops getting away with murder. They in they prime right now.”

Boosie then explains that he doesn’t feel that there will ever be an end to police brutality because police across the nation caused so much distrust because of the sheer number of Black lives that they’ve already taken without justice.

“Really it will never be peace,” Boosie continues in his Snapchat story. “Because you got too many lives that have been taken. All you can do is try to diffuse the situation. It’s too far gone.”

However, Boosie says that one thing that may at least give cops pause when it comes to mistreating Black people is if they were to finally be punished for brutalizing and murdering Black citizens.

“I think what would slow the cops down from doing what they doing is if they start getting convicted and getting life sentences,” he says. “Double-life sentences like we get if we kill somebody.”

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