‘Conversation With Maxwell’: ‘Without woman there is no life’

Maxwell and Big TIgger - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt
Maxwell and Big Tigger (Photo credit: Jonell Whitt for Steed Media)

CBS radio and V-103 Atlanta hosted the private event titled “A Conversation With Maxwell,” promoting his new album, BLACKsummers’night. A room full of radio contest winners watched as media and radio host Big Tigger conducted a one-on-one interview with Maxwell about the music he has created. Guests also got a sneak peek at some of the new videos.

Maxwell and Big Tigger - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Maxwell and Big Tigger (Photo credit: Jonell Whitt via Steed Media)

Revealing to the audience his mixed feelings about cameras and feelings of stage fright, a very open and chatty Maxwell let us in on some very private details of his humble beginnings. We learned the Brooklyn, New York, native is of Haitian-Puerto Rican descent and was born to a very young mom who had to be sent away from her country in order to deliver what should have been her bundle of joy. Instead, she had to deliver her “baby of shame” in secret. Since this was the label Maxwell was given growing up, he didn’t experience the love he should have received as a child. Maxwell revealed it wasn’t until he reached adulthood and became famous that he started to understand and realize that he too was deserving of love.

That’s right, ladies, Maxwell is very single and “looking for genuine love because he wants to start a family.” His respect for women was evident as he stated, “I think God must be a woman because of how he nurtures and loves.”

“Nothing could be here without a woman. Without woman there is no life. Women you don’t realize how powerful you are and some maybe you do. It’s a woman who gives the men the inspiration and courage to go hard by giving them that support. So women don’t tear [men] down by telling your sons, ‘you’re gonna be just like ya daddy!’ ” he said.

Maxwell - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
(Photo credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media)

Then he informed the audience he was not just saying this to gain more fans, Instagram followers or boost album sales. And we know that’s true, because not many artists could take a seven-year hiatus and still sell out arenas when announcing a concert.

Maxwell will be coming to Atlanta in the fall. In case you are wondering why Atlanta or none of the major cities are first in line for this current tour. It was decided to hit the smaller cities first and break tradition. Hitting up the cities that people typically travel from to attend concerts will be a thing of the past in Maxwell’s new tour handbook. It will be like Maxwell is rehearsing and working out all the kinks (even improving his voice). When Maxwell hits the major cities he will be well prepared, deliver an amazing and memorable concert.

Maxwell and Big Tigger - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
(Photo credit: Jonell Whitt via Steed Media)

How many of you have already purchased the new album and what are your thoughts? Check out the photo gallery after the break and sound off in the comments

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