Dr. Jackie, Phaedra Parks, Stephan Labossiere on careers and community

Dr. Jackie McDonalds
Dr. Jackie (Photo credit: Raphael Baker)

“When a brand sows into a community, they create such a strong community, a strong universe,” shares Dr. Jackie, OB/GYN and reality TV star of “Married to Medicine.” “A brand that gives back to the community is a brand that is concerned about the whole village. It changes the environment.”

Recently, rolling out sat down with Dr. Jackie, as well as Stephan Labossiere, aka “Stephan Speaks,” a certified relationship coach, speaker and author; and Phaedra Parks, attorney, entrepreneur and reality TV star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Here are there thoughts on the idea that McDonald’s is “On Your Corner, In Your Corner,” serves as a steward in the communities where they are present and is a great place to work because they offer career training, advancement and internships, exposing youth to restaurant business management.

McDonald’s supports and cares about the community it serves, which includes employees and community members. Local McDonald’s franchise owners support education and learning opportunities in the local community through programs like Ronald McDonald Motivational School Programs, which are each uniquely themed to address children’s overall well-being and offered at no cost to primary and elementary schools.

Wheels of Dreams supports Atlanta and surrounding the public education system. Since its inception, nearly 15K students, educators and parents have been helped by the program and special event offerings.

Read what Dr. Jackie, Labossiere and Parks had to say.

What does it mean to you when someone is in your corner?
Dr. Jackie: It means you have my back and not necessarily that you agree with everything I say. It’s being able to tell me I am wrong, supporting me when I am weak and when I am ahead. Being in my corner is being a part of who I am. I give back as well.

Stephan Labossiere (Courtesy)
Stephan Labossiere (Courtesy)

How do you scale your hobby into a career?
Stephan Labossiere: When you have something you’re passionate about and you feel is your purpose, the way to turn it into a career is to figure out how can I serve people with it. How do I create this into a service that people need in their lives? Once you’ve figured that out, now it can become a career. You can actually generate revenue and expand your business and your message. Once you tap into how you can serve the people, and how it’s beneficial to them, that’s when you can take it from a hobby to an actual career.

Phaedra Parks (Photo Credit: DeWayne Rogers for Steed Media Service)
Phaedra Parks (Photo Credit: DeWayne Rogers for Steed Media Service)

What is an essential element when a company is in a growth phase?
Phaedra Parks: We need to fully embrace leadership building, there’s no perfect leadership. We should be empowering them to take their rightful places so they can take the organization to the next level.

This editorial is sponsored by your local McDonald’s restaurants, which are invested in the communities they serve through various employment, educational, and community engagement initiatives. Find out what it means to have someone “On Your Corner, In Your Corner.”

Watch the video and share your thoughts and comments online and include the hashtag #McDOnYourCorner.

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