Weed scandal hits Malia Obama at Lollapalooza concert

Photo credit: @proera47 via Instagram
Photo credit: @proera47 via Instagram

Social media is ablaze with new images of first daughter Malia Obama at Lollapalooza in Chicago recently. First everyone stated she was dancing and briefly twerking with friends like a normal teen; now an image has emerged of her smoking what looks like weed.

In a short video clip that is making the rounds on social media, Malia is clearly seen holding a cigarette and taking a quick puff. Some say that it was not a cigarette but a joint. Malia would not be the first member of a first family to indulge in a toke. The daughters of former President George W. Bush, Jenna and Barbara, gained infamy not only because of their famous father but also because of their partying throughout their teens. From drinking alcohol when they were minors to attempting to buy weed and cocaine use, the behavior of the Bush twins was scandalous. But their actions were categorized as youthful indiscretions.

Malia Obama, however, is being held to a higher standard than any other White House child. Both President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have taken great pains to keep their daughters out of the public spotlight and they have been successful. Although President Obama is known for smoking weed while growing up in Hawaii, it is not something that he wanted his daughters to indulge in. However, Malia has many coming to her defense. Comedian Chris Rock tweeted: “Malia Obama was caught smoking weed. If she’s not careful she might end up winning 21 Olympic gold medals or becoming president of the USA.”- CHRlS ROCK @chrisrockyoz

Other supporters echo the sentiments of Chris Rock with some of the following tweets:

“Yall appalled Malia Obama was at a concert smoking as if George Bush daughters weren’t doing coke & getting arrested. GTFOH I hate yall”- d.tall™@DTALLMUSIC

While others have taken the opportunity to bash President Obama:

“I’d be smoking too if my dad was responsible for destroying the country. That’s a heavy burden to grow up with…”- AngryAmericansUnited @LastWave2014

Overall the vast majority of people are saying to give the 18-year-old college bound freshman a pass for normal teen behavior.

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