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Reality TV » Moniece Slaughter reveals she’s bisexual

Moniece Slaughter reveals she’s bisexual

Photo Credit: Moniece Slaughter's Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)

Photo Credit: Instagram – @moniece_slaughter

Throughout her time on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” Moniece Slaughter has been romantically tied to a number of different men in the cast, including her baby’s father, Lil Fizz, and even her gay BFF Milan Christopher. And previews for the upcoming season of the reality series show Slaughter getting into multiple beefs over guys on the cast. However, it seems Slaughter won’t be having man trouble for long because she recently claimed that she’s bisexual and dating a woman.

Slaughter made the announcement this weekend with an Instagram video in which she confirmed rumors that is dating a woman and that she spoke about her bisexuality years ago in what appears to be a little-known interview.

“Tried to find an interview I did years ago with @vladtv but none the less. I am. I have always been. A bi-sexual woman. It’s not new to my family although I always denied it out of fear of judgement and criticism. I grew up SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). Very religious and while I know my family loves me despite our ups and downs; I was taught growing up that homosexuality was/is a sin. It was frowned upon. However, because my family loves me. And has met her. They see that for the first time in a long time. I’ve made a great decision in who I’ve chosen to give myself to. And invite into my son’s world. Their world. And my own. Any man I’ve dated, is made aware in the beginning that I am bisexual. She has nothing to do with a STORY. Everything to do with my LIFE. If you’re one of the less accepting, we respect that. Please respectfully depart,” Slaughter captioned the clip.

In the video, Slaughter denied rumors that she’s dating a woman for a storyline and claimed that she now wants to keep her romantic life private.

“I’ve always been attracted to women. This is not a storyline. You will not be seeing my girlfriend on my show,” Slaughter explained.

Well, while Slaughter may not want to feature her girlfriend on her show, there’s no doubt that the paparazzi and the tabloids will be doing their best to pry into her romantic world. And since so much of Slaughter’s life is on display already, we expect that news about her new relationship will hit the web in due time.


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