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Pink slip drama? Milan Christopher gets real about being fired

Photo Credit: Milan Christopher's Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Photo credit: Instagram – @milanchristopher

Milan Christopher was a major part of season two of VH1’s “Love & Hop Hop Hollywood” thanks to his provocative and groundbreaking storyline that featured the show’s first gay male couple as prominent cast mates. Now, since the end of season two, Christopher and his boyfriend Miles Brock have split up and both of them are nowhere to be found in the latest season of the series. Many fans are wondering why Christopher was fired from the series and now he’s opening up about his feelings on his departure.

As previously reported, Christopher and Brock’s relationship took a violent turn last season when Christopher had Brock arrested when he accused him and his friends of attacking him during a Halloween party in NYC. The former lovers have been split up since then and many fans assumed that their personal drama would definitely secure them a scandal-filled storyline for the third season of “LAHH Hollywood.”

However, neither of them have returned to the show and in a new interview with The Jasmine Brand, Christopher explains that he doesn’t know why Mona Scott-Young and the rest of the production team fired him.

“I honestly don’t know. Like many of the thousands of fans demanding an answer all over social media right now, there was no explanation given to them nor me. I just never heard anything from anyone despite being told during our filming of our last reunion I was definitely returning to the show,” Christopher said.

Christopher says that he spoke with creator and producer Scott-Young after season two, but their conversations didn’t result in a new contract.

Since being fired, Christopher says that he’s working on shopping around his own reality show to different networks. And despite his termination, Christopher says he’s still grateful for his time on “LAHH Hollywood.”

“… And although I’m not on this season of the show, and as disappointed as I am, millions of others who finally felt the LGBT community was being finally represented through me — I will always be grateful and thankful to Mona Scott-Young, VH1 and ‘Love & Hip Hop’ for enhancing myself, and the people I represent,” Christopher.

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  1. Hot Boy on August 19, 2016 at 12:14 am

    He solicited his fans to go Mona Scott Twitter page to beg her to get him back on the show. He’s a liability for any network. He’s going to sue her. Trust me, he will find a reason for free publicity.

  2. WELOVEUSELENA on October 16, 2016 at 6:26 pm