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Anthony Anderson on bonding with his kids: ‘We make memes and Snapchat’


Photo credit: Instagram – @anthonyanderson

While raising preteens (on the verge of getting their driver’s license) can be frightening for some parents, for Anthony Anderson, it’s just a another way for him and his kids to bond.

In the latest issue of People, the “black-ish” star revealed he loves cruising around the City of Angels with his 20-year-old daughter, Kyra, and his son Nathan, 16, who happens to be a new driver. “We make memes and Snapchats, Instagram posts and all that on the 101,” the comedian told the entertainment news outlet. “But we were doing that responsibly! I was the cameraman, and my son’s hands were on the 10 and 2.”

Meanwhile, with his teenage son behind the wheel, the 46-year-old and Kyra are free to goof around. “Me and my daughter were all over the place, bumping some J. Cole,” Anderson, who recently hosted the 2016 BET Awards alongside “black-ish” costar Tracee Ellis Ross said. “We were just having a party in the car. We were having a party in the carpool lane.”

While Anderson admits his “children make [him] laugh all the time,” that doesn’t mean they don’t drive him bonkers. “What drives me nuts about my daughter? Her stubbornness. I wonder where she gets that from,” he said. “One time we were having an argument, and she goes, ‘You don’t understand me!’ I was like, ‘You’re right, I don’t. I’m a 45-year-old man, and you’re a 19-year-old young lady. We come from two different worlds!’”

As for what bothers the Emmy-nominated actor the most — Nathan’s lack of communication. “I’ll send him a text or I’ll call and say, ‘Hey man, I sent you a text today, I called you today.’ ‘Oh yeah, Dad, I forgot.’

“ ‘You forgot to text me back? You forgot to return my phone call? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a girl, or girls, you’ve returned a text or call to,’ ” Anderson explained. “That’s what drives me nuts about my son!”

But you know what the say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (we joke).

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