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As a rising star, Morgan Radford is just getting started

Morgan Radford Photo credit: Morgan Radford

Morgan Radford Photo credit: Morgan Radford

Morgan Radford
NBC News
Columbia University, M.S.
Harvard University Bachelor of Arts, B.A.

Few television correspondents have risen as quickly as Morgan Radford. Still a student less than five years ago, she is currently a correspondent for NBC News and appears on the TODAY Show, NBC Nightly News and MSNBC.  She’s reported on deadly floods in West Virginia, lead in the water at Newark public schools, and the death of American malls.

Radford was considering law school when she took an internship at CNN. “The first day I walked into a TV studio everything clicked: my interest in service, my almost obsessive need to understand the motivations behind the decisions we make, and of course, my love of storytelling,” said Radford. After receiving a masters from Columbia University, the Fullbright Scholar landed a position with ABC News. The following year she became an anchor for Al Jazeera America.

“I knew then that this was it, she shared. “I chose a career that I continue to love every single day (I even wake up before my alarm!).

The Path

I was an intern at CNN in 2009. Experience is never “free.” It’s worth its weight in gold. If YOU want it, don’t be afraid to put in a little elbow grease — even if it’s unpaid.”

On how social media is changing news reporting:

“Erin Andrew’s filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a man convicted of stalking her hotel room and posting nude videos of her online. Someone testifying for the defense team was later seen in a restaurant discussing and showing that video. Thanks to social media, talented local reporters, and sources posting online — we were able to report on a scandal that erupted just days before a decision that ultimately challenged notions of privacy and its relationship to public figures.”

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