BMF first ladies: Where are they now?


News spread quickly of the death of Juice of BMF. The 39-year-old popular nail artist reportedly died after suffering a seizure. Questions arose about Juice’s title as the first lady. So we felt the need to clear the air. Juice dubbing herself as first lady doesn’t mean that she was claiming to be Big Meech Flenory’s or his brother Southwest T’s top chick. Many Atlantans who were around and are familiar with BMF knew Suga, who also went by the name of Ms. Magic City, to be one of his main squeezes.

Suga (via MySpace)
Suga (via MySpace)

Suga was a well-respected stripper at Magic City who is now a pastry chef.

Tammy Cowins, The CEO of BMF Entertainment, put Tonesa Welch to shame when she shut down Welch and her cohorts who in 2013 attempted to capitalize on the cartel’s fame with a reality TV show titled, “BMF Wives,” which would follow the girlfriends of BMF leaders. Cowins tells media,

“She [Welch] can say whatever she wants about her relationship with Terry [Flenory – Meech’s Brother] in California… but she cannot corroborate or say anything about BMF.

All these rumors about she’s a “wife”… she’s a “first lady”… this and that… no. She’s not.

I own BMF Entertainment… “I” Tammy Cowins! And we’re not trying to have our brand associated with a reality show.

Welch was sentenced to five years for money laundering and was released in 2012. Her son, Marlon, was scheduled for release last year after serving nine years.

Tonesa Welch, Sylent Heart (Courtesy)

Welch, whose Twitter handle is @firstladyofbmf, now runs the charity, Sylent Heart, which supports children whose parents are incarcerated in California.

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