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Teen prostitute sues, says Oakland police officers were her biggest clients

Celeste Guap/Jasmine Abuslin

Jasmine Abuslin, 19, is at the center of an epic sex scandal. The teen claims she had sex with 30 Oakland-area police officers. Abuslin, formerly known as Celeste Guap, has declared war on the Oakland Police Department.

According to Absulin, she’s had sex with nearly 30 law enforcement officials throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over the last two years. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges Friday, Sept. 16 in the ongoing sexual misconduct case. Two former police officers were formally charged.

She’s suing for $66 million claiming she was a sex slave and a victim of sex trafficking.

The lawsuit alleges that members of the Oakland Police Department, “either directly engaged in, stood by with a blind eye, or acted to cover up this modern-day slavery of (Jasmine).

“These acts constitute unlawful forced labor, trafficking into servitude and sex trafficking of a child by force, fraud and coercion and have caused (Jasmine) to suffer unimaginable abuse, paid, and suffering that she and her family will endure for the rest of her life.”

Retired Livermore police officer Daniel Black allegedly had sex with her and bought her dinner. He has been charged with five counts, including engaging in prostitution, lewd public behavior and giving alcohol to a minor. Court documents show last April, Black picked Absulin up in a motor home and took her out to eat. The documents show Black told Absulin “just to be clear, I’m not paying you, but I will buy you dinner.” They later engaged in oral sex.

Retired Oakland Police Department Sg. Leroy Johnson is facing charges for failing to report that his colleagues were engaging in sex with a prostitute who was also a minor. Absulin told Johnson about the sex acts via social media. Johnson commanded, “Tell me you were an adult.” Absulin responded, “I’d be lying.”

Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide after Abuslin started revealing details of the relationships with members of law enforcement on Facebook. Sean Whent, Ben Fairow and Paul Figueroa all quit in the span of eight days in the wake of the scandal.

Councilman Noel Galleo tells NBC, “If it is what is presented today, we have to come up and pay for it. [It] will have an impact on our budget to do public services on the streets. All I can think about is there will be other women that are going to come forth with similar stories or actions claiming lawsuits.”

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