Lifetime to air series about reformed Detroit drug kingpin

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Brian Maurice Brown has gone from being one of America’s most wanted, to living a life of peace and tranquility. He was once one of Detroit’s most notorious drug lords; now he has turned his life around.

But, how does one maintain peace and tranquility when you are a record label CEO, husband of three wives, father, friend, mentor and provider? In the new Lifetime docuseries “Detroit Dynasty,” Brown and his family share a piece of their world through eight episodes. Seeing Brown legally married to one woman and “spiritually married” to two others will leave viewers questioning what love means to Brown. The show will also show how B.M.B. Records dominated the streets of Detroit for the past two years. Recently, the label brought on platinum recording artist and “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Ray J, who is sure to bring shine to their grind.

After spending nine and a half years behind bars for drug trafficking, Brown embraced his second chance at life.

Brown shared with rolling out, “In the past, living for myself allowed me not to take accountability for my actions.” Seeing life clearer on a spiritual path, he feels his purpose is to not only live for himself but to sacrifice for others around him.

Read on to find out what Brown had to say about his life and the upcoming premiere.

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How did the idea for your reality show “Detroit Dynasty” come about?
A good friend of mine, who goes by the name CJ Carter, pitched the show to me. He considers me somewhat family because of how close we’ve grown. Observing how I move and what goes on in just a day in my life and dealing with three wives, he thinks it’s something the world would want to see. CJ has worked with some of the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cast members, Fizz, and Safaree, so he was able to set that up with no problem.

We heard that you have three wives. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the dynamics of your interactions with them during the show. What are some of the reactions you may get for having three wives?
Some people may not understand how I operate and that’s ok. I live for all my wives and they’re all taken care of. They’re also in the process of figuring that out.

What else can we expect to see from you during the TV series?
People will see how humble I am. I live to make everything around me secure and smooth. You will learn my rationale and my outline of thinking with B.M.B.

What have you learned about yourself from watching recaps?
The show made me reflect on how far I’ve come, and I got to see how well I operated in pressured moments. Being in those moments definitely molded me.

You served nine and a half years for drug trafficking. How have you changed from your past life? What made you who you are today?
Spending almost 10 years in prison, losing my mom and dad 28 days apart, from being America’s Most Wanted, and coming back from all that—I realized my life CAN’T be for me. There’s no way. I live to take care of anything and anyone around me because that’s why I’m here. I’m living for the sacrifice of those around me. What’s ever needed at the time I’ll take care of it. I’m creating a deeper surface for anything I’m surrounded by. My purpose is to help the souls and livelihoods of other people.

You’re the CEO of BMB Records, and you have quite a roster, including recently added artist Ray J. What’s your overall vision for BMB?
My vision is to continue to operate from choosing artists from an energy perspective. I don’t want to be taken back at all [to] my past life, meaning I don’t want to bring on any artists that will remind me of my old life in reference to violence or just negative energy alone. That’s something BMB will stand for.

What’s one piece of advice you would like to give our readers?
I want them to see that resources will identify themselves when their mindset changes.

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