L.O.E talks music and ‘Da Money Walk’

L.O.E King Kollision, Young Scratt and D-Werd (Photo courtesy of Jaguar Entertainment)

The music industry has almost become a throwaway industry. These days, you can drop a hot single and become the talk of the town. If you happen to incorporate it with a dance you can strike gold, à la Soulja Boy and Migos. The challenge is staying relevant beyond the one hit and being able to deliver something that is sustaining and truly makes an impact on the world. We spoke with King Kollision of the group L.O.E from Cleveland. They currently have a hot single in rotation around the country called “Da Money Walk.” Their song helped them win the Best Collaboration award at the 2016 Ohio Hip Hop Awards. We gained some insight into who they are as a group and what is next for them.

Tell us who you are and where you are from.

We are a rap music group collectively known as L.O.E, which stands for loyalty over everything. The group consists of King Kollision, Young Scratt and D-Werd and we are from the Eastside of Cleveland.

Why do you make music?

We make music because we love it and have a very strong passion to make it, so in all honesty, a life without music is no life at all.

What are you looking to accomplish with what you do?

What we are looking to accomplish is simple; we want to develop a successful music career while still bringing a diverse unique sound and artistry to the game.

What have your challenges been, thus far?

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is the lack of musical resources in our city. We don’t have record labels in our backyard, therefore making it harder to be heard by record labels. It’s not totally a bad thing because it makes us grind even harder and forces us to find new creative ways and methods to reach the masses.

Talk to us about the importance of being responsible with your art.

We understand the responsibility that comes with the territory knowing we have a huge influence on the youth and what we portray can impact them negativity or positively, so we have to monitor the things we say and do.

Who would you say you model yourself after?

Everyone has a little bit of an influence on us no matter if they do music or not, obviously some people are more influential than others but at the end of the day it’s everyone to an extent.

What words of encouragement do you have for those following their dreams?

The words of encouragement we would offer to anyone following their dreams is to never stop believing in yourself no matter how many people overlook you and if your not willing to fight, sacrifice, and endure all the obstacles that come your way on the road to success, then it’s not something you love.

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