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Stripper avoids jail after her baby died when she left home to work at club

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Leila Aquino will not have to serve time in jail after leaving her baby home alone while she went to work at a strip club.  According to reports by News 12 in Brooklyn, New York, Aquino put her two-year-old toddler to sleep on the night of Feb. 22 and left the child home alone.

Aquino, 20, went to work at a strip club where she reportedly made $1,000 in $1 bills. However, she soon discovered that the money was not worth such a terrible mistake. When Aquino returned home, her apartment in Brooklyn had caught fire and she became distraught when seeing the blaze. She attempted to run into the apartment, but she was stopped by firefighters and police. She began yelling that her child was in the building.

Firefighters eventually told Aquino that her child, Kalenah Muldrow, had died in the fire. Attempting to hide from the fire, Kalenah went under her bed as the apartment went up in flames. Her lifeless body was found under the bed her mother put her in before leaving her home alone.

Initially, Aquino told authorities that she left the child with a baby sitter. But when authorities contacted the sitter, she revealed that she had not been hired to watch the child that evening. Once authorities took her to the police station, Aquino admitted to leaving the baby at home alone while she worked at the strip club.

Although Aquino showed bad judgement, the incident reveals how a lack of affordable daycare can become a hinderance to parents who are struggling in poverty.

Aquino was charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. She eventually plead guilty to criminally negligent homicide. The judge showed mercy and only sentenced her to three years of probabtion. She must also enter a program with the Women’s Prison Association.

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