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Lupe Fiasco blasts Kid Cudi over Drake beef

Photo Credit: Instagram - @lupefiasco
Photo credit: Instagram – @lupefiasco

Public meltdowns seem to happen all the time in the entertainment industry but few were more surprising this year than that of Kid Cudi. Over the past month, the former G.O.O.D music star found himself not only beefing with his baby’s mama, but also his former friend, Drake, as well as his former mentor and “brother,” Kanye West. Since then, Cudi had an extremely vulnerable moment online and revealed that he was entering a rehab facility to deal with his depression and drug abuse. But that didn’t stop Drake from taking shots at the troubled rapper and now Lupe Fiasco has entered the rap war and is hurling shots at Cudi as well.

As previously reported, Drake recently dissed Cudi both during one of his shows and on his new song, “Two Birds, One Stone,” which takes aim at both Cudi and Pusha T. In the song, Drake raps,

“I like your old s—, but wasn’t in love with the latest. You were the Man on the Moon, now you just go through your phases. Life of the angry and famous.” Later on in the song, Drake took aim at Cudi’s drug abuse problems. “Still never been on hiatus, you stay xanned [Xanax] and perked [Percocet] up so when reality set in you don’t gotta face it,” he raps.

Well, Cudi wasn’t happy about this diss and tweeted disses at Drake from the rehab facility he’s in.

“@Drake Say it to my face, p—-. You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise,” Cudi wrote online.

Well, Fiasco apparently wasn’t happy with Cudi’s need to continue the beef and he blasted the troubled rapper on Twitter with photos of Drake and memes about Cudi ducking a fade from a previous beef they had with each other.



When fans began to ask Fiasco why he was shading Cudi, Fiasco explained that Cudi has been petty and antagonistic to him and other rappers in the past.

“It’s childish and it’s petty. But he deserves all of it and more,” said Cudi, before claiming that if he and Cudi ever got into a fight, it would get nasty. “Cuz security gonna break that up and it’s not gonna happen. Security wasn’t gonna stop ours hahaha.”

Fiasco then continued to blast Cudi, explaining what he really thinks about him and his rehab stint.

“He a disrespectful clown tho Leticia … he can’t help himself but still …,” he wrote, before adding, “Man f— that n—a..what part of ‘rehab’ is calling people p—ies and asking for fades?! Rehab is checking your own problems not this s—.”

Cudi also explained that he was drawing from his own battles with depression in his critique of Cudi.

“No, but when s–t got real & suicidal for me I accepted the compassionate solace and therapy of my true friends & I cherish them to this day,” Fiasco wrote.

He then explained why he originally had a beef with Cudi and was supporting Drake’s beef with their fellow rapper.

“Cudi called me a thief then ducked for two years and counting when I tried to reach him PRIVATELY so he could explain his words to me … I just wanted an explanation or a fade…I hope drake slaps gold out that n—a tho…do it for all n—as he duckin,” Fiasco wrote.

But the shade didn’t end there. Read Fiasco’s final thoughts on Cudi after the cut.

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