3 ways to overcome shyness on social media

Photo Credit: Kelly James Pro
Photo Credit: Kelly James Pro

In a world where social media is screaming, “Look at me!’ and requires you to put yourself front and center, it’s intimidating for those who are shy or introverted to grow their brands. I reached out to Kelly James, a sales coach known for bringing introverts out of their shells to build their presence on social media platforms. Through kellyjamespro.com, he has helped his wife Alicia James reach over 10M views on Youtube and has helped hundreds of introverts achieve success in social media using their natural talents and superpowers. Here are his top three tips for social media success while being introverted.

1) Be Yourself

Extroverts seem to be making all the money, so it’s easy to get caught in the trap of impersonating an extrovert to get social media traction. This assumption is a huge mistake we often make which makes us come off as fake and unauthentic. Some of the most influential and fruitful people I know are INTROVERTS.

Names like Kim Garst, Grant Cardone, and Charlene Johnson are all Introverts. The only difference between them you is they have amplified their strengths as an introvert and profited big time!

2) Leverage Your Superpowers

What you will learn as you study more and more about introverts there is no one size fits all, but we tend all have very similar superpowers (strengths) that serve well in social media

Creativity – Social media is saturated with replicas your intellectual cleverness will stand out in a crowd.

Listeners – Listening to our potential clients online goes beyond a conversation. We are keenly equipped to analyze this information and LISTEN to the story it tells. Listening will give you an advantage when putting out social media content that matters to your target audience.

Empathy – One of my favorite quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Introverts tend to be very empathic to the people we serve. This superpower will serve you well as you can produce content that is consistently empathetic the experience of your audience.

3) Choose the Platform That Fits Your Strengths and Your Audience

Assess the needs of your audience and figure out if they hang out in places that are more in line with your strengths. Not everyone has to do LIVE video to be successful. A lot of introverts come to me to learn how to sell on LIVE Video. I can help most with this strategy, but some of us are just not cut out for LIVE video.

Platforms like FB LIVE, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat tend to be much more introvert-friendly.

Ultimately, I have found that introverts have advantages when it comes to success with social media. If they are willing to study and learn to leverage their strengths, they will be social media rockstars in no time.


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