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Why Donald Trump’s victory is a win for White hate and divisiveness

Donald Trump (Photo credit: a katz /
Donald Trump (Photo credit: a katz /

Millions of Americans sided with the most unfit presidential candidate in history because he spoke their language. White Americans who embrace racist attitudes were looking for an uprising and Donald Trump was the man who could express their views.

In a shocking election, Trump will become the next President of the United States of America. Trump ran an election on racism and divisiveness. He created an irrational fear of minorities that White racists believed. According to Trump, minorities were the reason working class Whites couldn’t find jobs and root of all their troubles. The creation of a “minority monster” was used post-slavery and led to Jim Crow laws and the uprising of the KKK. He touched on that same fear of White Americans and made them believe the irrational.

Along with minorities, Trump insulted women, he insulted Muslims, he insulted the disabled, he insulted war veterans. He spoke about sexually assaulting women and bragged about the fact. His lack of discipline was appalling and he often proved that he shouldn’t be allowed to have control over the most important job in the world.

But millions of White Americans ignored his blatant flaws. It reveals that there is a large segment who would allow an inept candidate to become president because he touched on their insecurities. He touched on their hate and it caused them to dismiss that he was unqualified for the position.

Within the next four years, those same voters will discover that their lives will likely be the same. The industries that have suffered for years in middle America and the South will not suddenly be revived under Trump. He will amplify the Trump brand, but America and the world will suffer.

Racism has always been America’s deepest issue. This country was built off of slavery and allowed decades of abuse on minority bodies. Some Whites have always believed that Black and minority progression would lead to their demise. Trump gave them hope and inspiration. And his victory was a victory for their need for White supremacy and divisiveness.

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