NBC’s Tamron Hall opens up about sister’s tragic death

Dr. Oz sits with Tamron Hall (Photo credit: Sony Pictures Television)
Dr. Oz sits with Tamron Hall (Photo credit: Sony Pictures Television)

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, Dr. Oz sits down with NBC’s “TODAY” show host Tamron Hall to discuss the events leading up to her sister’s tragic death. In 2004, Renate Hall was found bludgeoned and beaten to death, floating face down in her backyard pool. Her death was ruled a homicide but remains unsolved. Tamron opens up about the domestic abuse her sister faced and she reveals why she partly blamed herself for the family’s loss.

On her sister’s tumultuous relationship with men, Hall shares: “She never confided in me but I saw it. I saw the odd interactions. I saw some of the behaviors that I now know are warning signs. I do remember, and I’ve never shared this story publicly, being a teenager and she came home really late one night and she was scarred up and just bruised up and I overheard her telling my dad that this guy that she was seeing had attacked her and she jumped out of the car — the moving car, on the freeway. And, again, I was probably 16 or 17 but that was always a current in her life, that there was a man, there was a boyfriend, who seemed to just [be a] cloud, dark cloud over her, and I don’t know why.”

On her regrets about how she handled her sister’s domestic abuse, Hall reveals: “I regret not saying, listen, I understand. You want to figure this out with him but let us — let him go with his family, let’s talk, let’s talk about you. I don’t want to talk about him. I don’t want to make the case why he’s such a bad guy in my eyes. Let’s talk about you. And I didn’t do that. I talked about them and I think, naturally, a lot of people will then defend the abuser. And now I know I should’ve said, are you OK, let’s talk about you. I don’t want you to have to defend him. I’m not here to prosecute him. I’m here to talk about you.”

On what being public about the loss of her sister has taught her, Hall says: “You know, when I was a kid growing up, I always thought I would be a journalist and I thought, you know, I’d cover stories about other people and we’re always taught never to make the story about yourself. It’s taught me that you can make it about yourself for a greater good and that doesn’t make you selfish.”

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