Dondria Nicole releases inspiring visual for single, ‘2 Good’

Dondria (IG: @dondrianicole)
Photo credit: Instagram – @dondrianicole

Dondria Nicole, the So So Def YouTube phenom has released the most creative, self-inspired visual since her debut single, “You’re The One.” With years of proving herself, Dondria Nicole has worked extremely hard to overcome obstacles not only in her professional career but personal life as well. She laid it all out on in her new single “2 Good” delivering a powerful visual promoting self-love and respect.

She gave us a bit of background on her vision for the single and the visual. “When we’re in new relationships, we’re excited about all the little things ‘Bae’ does to show us love and affection. And those things make us love them, but as the puppy love starts to fade, we begin to see their true colors and they ain’t always very pretty,” she says.

“I wrote ‘2 Good’ with a clear state of mind, finally figuring out who I was and what I wanted, as well as, why I wouldn’t accept anything less. I had been in a situation with this guy and he laid his charm on me thick, he won me over in two seconds. I let my guard down and allowed him in — even with trust issues — to every aspect of my life, only for him to disappoint me time and time again. Because trust has failed me before, I’ve never been one to express my emotions or feelings, so I always put them into my poetry and music,” she says.

That heartbreak led to a breakthrough for the singer. “The day I knew I had enough with this particular situation, I sat down with my pen and paper and wrote every lyric of my truth, pain, annoyances, and grief. No music or hot beat, just me,” she says.

Nicole hopes to inspire her female fans to make healthy choices in their relationships. “And even though I know my ladies can relate in either past or present disappointments, I wanted to inspire and motivate them to love themselves so much that they have the courage to walk away from any unhealthy relationship. Being confident in who they are, what you want to say and how you want to be treated like, ‘Look, honey, I love ya, but I’m just 2 good for you,’ ” she concludes.

“2 Good” is available on Vevo. Check it out now:



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