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Remembering just 8 of more than 287 Black men killed by police in 2016


This year unarmed Black men killed by police were constantly in the news, seeming to reach epidemic proportions. Even more disturbing were the circumstances involved in the killings. Here are 8 of the more than 287 unarmed Black men killed by police in 2016.

Alfred Olango

Photo via Alfred Olango’s family

Photo via Alfred Olango’s family

Alfred Olango in San Diego, California, became the 217th Black person killed by police this year, according to Mapping Police Violence. Olango’s sister called police after he began acting strangely. He was allegedly disabled and suffered from a seizure moments before being confronted by police officers. Instead of taking the time to realize that Olango was mentally disabled, the police reacted with deadly force. Olango, who was unarmed, was shot by an officer who fired five rounds.

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