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Remembering just 8 of more than 287 Black men killed by police in 2016

David Joseph

David Joseph (Photo Credit: Twitter @OccupyAustin)

David Joseph (Photo Credit: Twitter @OccupyAustin)

No one knows what was going on in the mind of 17-year-old David Joseph when he was running naked through an Austin, Texas, apartment complex. But someone called 911 to report he was chasing people and acting erratic. The teen, known as “Pronto” to his friends, was a senior at Premier High School. He was a student-athlete and was scheduled to graduate this spring. Austin police officer Geoffrey Freeman responded to the scene and claimed that the unarmed Joseph refused commands and charged at him, forcing him to fire his weapon, killing the teen. Both Joseph and Freeman are Black.

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  2. dick green on December 31, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Awwwww fuck ’em. Stupid mooncrickets shouldn’t be fighting with ‘da po-leece’! lol Just wait until Trump lets the cops take the gloves off. Hopefully we can get those numbers up into the thousands.