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‘RHOA’ stars show how to lose a man with 5 relationship don’ts

Sheree Whitfield & Bob Whitfield (photo credit BRAVO)

2. Don’t air your dirty laundry about your ex. How many times has your favorite auntie told you to keep your issues with your man to yourself? Venting to friends about how bad your man has treated you can come back to haunt you should you ever decide to be with that man again.  Sheree Whitfield returned to RHOA with a vengeance and brought her ex Bob Whitfield as a part of her storyline. Unfortunately, neither viewers or her castmates are feeling a possible reunion because Sheree talked about Bob so badly on previous seasons. Besides her talking, we saw Bob throw water in her face during an episode. Now, Sheree looks crazy considering taking him back. Keep all that talk to yourself in case you want to entertain taking your ex back without looking like a fool.

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