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#ATLOrgy hostess Cidney G makes troubling statement about HIV risk

HIV lifetime infection risk (Photo Credit: CDC)
HIV lifetime infection risk (Photo Credit: CDC)

After speaking to the creator of what is now known as #ATLOrgy on social media, many things she revealed should make a person think twice about attending. According to Cidney “Total Liberation” Green, the event is to celebrate her upcoming 27th birthday.

“The party will take place at a lakefront home on four acres of private property. No body-shaming or stereotypes. Total sexual freedom, especially for women who feel repressed. Including middle-aged women,” she said.

Green says she is wealthy, likes nice things and wanted the event to be held in a posh location. According to one of her social media accounts, she made her money as a phone sex operator and she is the CEO of Total Lip Service: The World’s First Phone Sex Academy.”

Cidney ’Total Liberation’ Green (Photo Source : Provided by Cidney G for rolling out)
Cidney ’Total Liberation’ Green (Photo provided by Cidney G for rolling out)

Green is unabashedly sexual and took issue with rolling out describing her explicit photos as raunchy. Her website contains many images of her naked along with two Black men. However, she does not consider the photos raunchy, just an expression of sex.

After the hashtag Atlanta Orgy went viral, Black Twitter went in hard not only on the event but also vicious and funny remarks were directed at Green and the city of Atlanta.  Simply typing in #ATLOrgy on Twitter will bring up tweets, images, and videos that will keep you scrolling through comments. The issue of AIDS transmission was the overall theme of the jokes. But it is a serious issue that must be confronted by those possibly engaging in sex with complete strangers. According to Green, everything sexual expression will be accommodated at the party, “If you want to pee on someone, we will even have a place for that.”

She took issue with the original rolling out article bringing up the issue of HIV and STDs and said it represented ignorance. Although rolling out has published numerous articles about HIV, stigma, survivor stories and comments from medical professionals, we were admonished to write something about the “true” nature of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. T

“You talk a lot about HIV/AIDS in your article, and no offense, but a lot of people are just really ignorant when it comes to how diseases are even formulated in the body. It’s all about vibration, and it’s all based on emotion. It is ‘dis-ease,’ break down the word. That’s disharmony in the body. When you hold onto negative emotion too long it manifests itself in the body in the form of headaches, menstrual cramps, AIDS, diabetes … whatever … And that’s the reason why Black women have most of the AIDs because they’re the most sexually repressed.”

The statement is troubling because it echoes a growing sentiment among some Black millennials that they won’t contract a disease because of sheer willpower, positivity, pills and condoms. Green further stated, “I don’t look at statistics or at least I have not done so for some time.”

One HIV activist who has lived with the disease for 20-years told rolling out that she sees this all the time. “I think young Black men and women today do not only not appreciate the risk of HIV infection but in some cases undermine the work that has been done in the past and currently by HIV activists and researchers,” said Claire “Tuyishime” Gasamagera.

Cidney G Birthday Party, #ATLOrgy (Photo Source: Tumblr/ CIDNEY G)
#ATLOrgy (Photo source: Tumblr/ CIDNEY G)

But no one is claiming that Green or any of her guests have an STD. It is a party that will consist of consenting adults who do not necessarily have to engage in sex. Greens says it will be just like a club environment when you meet a person and have sex. “You don’t ask them for a medical report, you just have sex. … That’s why swingers clubs don’t have doctors in the back because it would be a liability,” she said.

According to Green, guests will be able to walk around nude, semi-nude or whatever and have a good time. She said she wanted the party to be overnight because she wanted to create a safe environment. Food will be prepared by a private chef for the partygoers. Green says it will not be her last party and she plans to take her business model to other cities including London. Condoms will be provided at the event and they are encouraged to be used.

To hear her podcast click here.

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